6-29-2015 Food of the Day: Kinilaw na Bangsi

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One of the best ways to prepare fresh fish is Kinilaw. Kinilaw is raw fish bathed in vinegar with tomatoes, onions, ginger, chilis, and sometimes coconut milk. It is a popular dish among Filipinos and Filipino restaurants have kinilaw in their menu.  The commercial one usually use tanigue for their kinilaw.  I usually prefer the smaller fishes like bangsi as kinilaw.  Bangsi is also know as barungoy or flying fish. Bangsi is boney and it takes skills to debone the cheap fish. I have grown to love this fish when I lived in Bohol with my Dad for a couple of years.  For me, the best time to eat kinilaw is during summer time while at the beach.

What is your favorite fish for kinilaw? Do you love eating raw food?


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