Eat All You Can Restaurants in Cebu: Grand Majestic Buffet

I am a big fan of Chinese food and I am also fond of eat-all-you-can buffets.  One of my favorite Chinese-themed eat-all-you-can restaurants in Cebu is the Grand Majestic Buffet.  The name Grand Majestic to Cebuanos is synonymous to excellent Chinese food.  Grand Majestic has been serving high-quality food for decades.  The restaurant is in the Grand Convention Center.  Last year, there was a major renovation in the Grand Convention Center and when it reopened, a redesigned and updated version of the restaurant started offering an awesome buffet.
The newly renovated Grand Convention Center is located at the Archbishop Reyes Avenue in Cebu.  It houses 3 fine restaurants: Tsay Cheng (Chinese a la carte), Isla Sugbo Seafood Restaurant, and the Grand Majestic Buffet.
The Grand Majestic buffet boasts of a wide selection dishes in a classy setting.  The buffet features many Chinese dimsum specialties like siomai, chicken feet, spare ribs, spring rolls, and siopao.   They also have Japanese appetizers and Lechon Belly.

We really had a great time there with my friends from Manila. It is a highly recommended buffet because of the wide selection, not-so-expensive price, and great quality of the dishes.

If you love to eat Chinese food in a classy buffet setting, you should consider going to the Grand Majestic Buffet.


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