New snack items at Mooon Cafe

New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall
A couple of weeks ago, we were in Parkmall and my wife wanted to have snacks.  We passed by Mooon Cafe and decided to eat there.  We realized that the restaurant has new snack items in their menu.  We ordered the Potato Rajas and the Mooonte Cristo.  We had a blast eating the new items although we felt that the new entrees were a bit expensive for its price.
New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall

New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall
Mooon Cafe is one of the most popular Mexican-inspired restaurants in Cebu and even with their status they still continue to innovate and offer new dishes.  Their new snack choices are the Mooonte Cristo, Potato Rajas, and Mexican Hotdog.  The price ranges from 110-160 pesos.
New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall
Potato Rajas - Baked deveined potato with a beef Mexican filling topped with melted cheese and bacon bits. This is basically your favorite baked potatoes with a Mexican twist.  It is a fusion between a baked potato with cheese and a taco. The Potato Rajas are appetizing. For 130 pesos, it is a bit on the expensive side but if you love potatoes, you are going to like it. 
New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall
Mooonte Cristo - Bread toast filled with spam, bacon, chicken, and cheese then fried shredded cheese and egg. This is the kind of sandwich that is fun to make at home.  It is really quite heavy and it could be a substitute to a meal. The sandwich would be perfect after doing a Crossfit workout of the day. At 160 though, you can find so many snack alternatives if you are budget conscious. 
New snack items from Mooon Cafe Parkmall
We washed down our snacks with a glass of strawberry pomelo.  It was such a refreshing drink which was apt for the summer season.

We really felt full after our snacks. The "busog" factor for the new items are high.  It may not be something that you are going to eat every day, but if you crave for something different, Mooon Cafe has a lot to offer.


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