6-5-2015 Food of the Day: Snow Ice Halo Halo by Majestic - the Best #halohalo of #Summer2015

The best halo-halo ever! Best place to have halo-halo
 Summer is definitely the best time to be "addicted" to cold desserts.  It is the season when popsicles, ice candies, buko bars, and ice creams become so popular.  Eating ice-cold food is one the best ways to make you forget about the summer heat.  Among my favorite summertime treats is the halo-halo. I have eaten this Filipino dessert in many places, but I think I just discovered the best ever halo-halo for me. 
I actually encountered my all-time favorite halo-halo by accident.  My mom who was vacationing from Australia wanted to eat at Majestic since it is one of her favorite restaurants in Cebu. While having a late lunch of pancit, fried rice, lumpia shanghai, and chow pat chin, my mom asked a waitress about their desserts. We were informed that they have a very delicious Snow Ice Halo Halo. At first I thought the staff was overhyping their halo halo nevertheless, we decided to get one.

Snow Ice Halo-Halo at Majestic Restaurant Cebu, Cebu's best Halo-Halo
The Majestic Snow Ice Halo Halo was simply awesome.  I was sharing it with my wife, my mom, and a tita, and we unanimously declared that it was the best halo-halo we ever tasted. I rarely anoint something as best ever; but, after tasting the snow ice halo-halo, I cannot help but declare my full appreciation. 

Here are the 3 good reasons why I love Majestic's Snow Ice Halo Halo:
  1. The Ice - I never encountered such fine ice. It has that that melt in your mouth creaminess that is almost similar to ice cream.  The ice has absorbed the flavor of the sweet milk and you do not need to mix the ice to enjoy the dessert. Basically, when they serve it you just dig in and enjoy.
  2. Serving Size - One serving was good enough for the four of us. The Snow Ice Halo Halo was topped with leche flan and rice crispies. They also put a lot of base ingredients although, I fail ed to detail what they were because I was just mesmerized with the ice. The amount of snow ice they put in their serving was more than generous.
  3. Price - It is prized only at 108 pesos. To be honest, I am willing to pay more. It was such a bargain at that price.
Do not just take my word for it, when you eat at a Majestic branch make sure you order their Snow Ice Halo-Halo. I consider it my greatest food discovery in #Summer2015.  If you have tasted it, feel free to comment.  I am also open to suggestions if you think there is a better halo-halo in town, just leave a comment and let me know where it is and I will definitely try your best halo-halo and pit it with my Majestic Snow Ice Halo-Halo. ;)


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