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It was another record-breaking month for Kalami Cebu! Last June, the blog had over 18,000 viewers and it aimed to surpass 20,000 views for July. Thanks to the loyal viewers, Kalami Cebu reached over 25,000 views this month.  It is an awesome feeling to be one of the favorite blogs of foodies in Cebu. For August, the blog would aim to reach 27,000 page views.  The blog is committed to providing more articles about the newest places to eat in Cebu.

Top 10 Posts for July 2015

Monster Franks, E-Zone, F.Cabahug St., Kasambagan, Cebu City. 24-Hour Restaurant

 A couple of months back, I felt really ecstatic that a branch of Monster Franks opened near our house. Thanks to +Jullah Palacpac , I was able to taste some of their delicious creations and ever since then I have tried eating at Monster Franks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even midnight snack.
Mexican favorites at La Lucha Tacqueria Cebu, Best taco place in Cebu
There are just days that just get better after some delicious Mexican food. One Tuesday, I ended up in Mango Square Mall and saw La Lucha Taqueria. I have been craving for some tacos and burritos so I immediately decided to have lunch there.  On hindsight, it was a delightful decision as I ended having a lavish lunch of burrito and a bunch of tacos. It was like all the stars aligned that I am in taqueria on a Tuesday noon which was perfect for a  #tacotuesday post. 

I am working out again after months of "hibernation" and being focused on food blogging. One of my preferred post-workout meal is shawarma.  Shawarma is an Arab-way of grilling meat and one of the typical ways to enjoy it is with pita bread and eat the meat like a sandwich. In the Philippines, Shawarma could also be enjoyed with rice.  Two out three times, I would have shawarma sandwich or wraps instead of rice. In Cebu, one of best places for Shawarma is Jafar's.  

Backstory Kitchen and Cafe, Don Mariano Cui Street, Cebu City, Cafes in Cebu
One of the best ways to enjoy a weekend is to go to a newly-opened cafe. I went to Backstory Kitchen and Cafe a couple of weekends ago and I got an awesome meal at an awesome new place. I have been wanting to go this cafe for some time, but I just cannot find a place to park during weekdays. Going there on a weekend was indeed a brilliant idea and I want to go back there more often.

Sweet Little Things, SLT Cafe, Fooda Saversmart, F. Cabahug Street
I went Fooda Saversmart Mabolo (Panagdait) a few days ago to shop for groceries.  After my shopping, I realized that a cafe has opened inside my neighborhood supermarket. I was surprised that it was a Sweet Little Things branch called SLT Cafe.  Sweet Little Things is actually one of my favorite cupcake stores in Cebu and I am really happy that they now have a cafe near my house. SLT Cafe is not only about desserts as they also offer meals, sandwiches, and beverages. 

Gibb's Hot Wings 2nd Level Streetscape, Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road, Cebu City
I dropped by Streetscapes at Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road and saw several establishments in full operations.  There were also a few restaurants that had their "soft opening". One of the restaurants that caught my eye is Gibb's Hot Wings.  Gibb's has been one of my favorite places for hot wings in the city and I relish the idea that have a new branch in an up and coming commercial center.

21 Dubs Flavored Chicken Wings, Where to eat chicken wings in Cebu
 Chicken wing lovers should rejoice as another new chicken wing place has opened in Cebu.  The 21 Dubs Flavored Chicken will tickle your appetite with their 3 5 10 12 21 different flavors of your favorite chicken wings. If you are one of the early adopters, you can even buy 10 pieces chicken wings for only 120 pesos.  With 21 different flavors, we are sure that you will never get bored with this new fried chicken wing place.
Hala Paella! Banilad Town Center, Spanish Restaurant in Cebu
 The Queen of Spanish food is probably the Paella.  A new Spanish Restaurant opened recently at the Banilad Town Center and it specializes in this popular Spanish rice dish. Hala Paella! is positioning itself to be the place to be if you are craving for delicious, authentic, and affordable Paella.  
Halo Restaurant, St. Mark Hotel, Cebu, Breakfast Buffet 380 pesos
 Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I totally agree and for me, the best way to start a day is to have a big breakfast.  You can do that by waking up at 4 am and start cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. or you can "cheat" and just go to a breakfast buffet.  I recently went St. Mark Hotel and tried Halo Restaurant's Breakfast buffet. It was so filling and satisfying that I skipped lunch.  The experience made me think of having a big breakfast every weekend.

Azul Surf, Mango Square Mall, Cebu City
 I recently got a chance to eat at Azul Surf at Mango Square Mall and I had an awesome dining experience. In Cebu, Azul is synonymous to Tuslob Buwa, a local version of fondue with a brainy twist. I am really surprised that Azul Surf is not just about devouring fatty food while enjoying bottles of Red Horse beer. This restaurant owned by Ian Sekong of Powerspoonz, actually serve several delicious and affordable items that are solid lunch/dinner alternatives that can be enjoyed even without beer. 
 I love eating at Kublai Khan's especially after an intense workout.  Eating there is one of the best ways to recover all the energy that I expend while working out.   I was really happy to know that the top Mongolian-themed restaurant in Cebu was one of the major sponsors of the first anniversary of the Cebu Blogging Community. And because I am a big fan of their rice bowls, I easily won an eat and drink all you can gift certificate from Kublai Khan's and you could probably win one too (details later).
Cebu Blogging Community First Anniversary Party, F Cafe and Bar, July 4 2014

The Cebu Blogging Community had its first-anniversary party last July 4, 2015. The #CBCAnniversary Party was held at F Cafe and Bar at the Gallery in Mabolo, Cebu City.  The event was attended by the blogger-members and the event sponsors. 

Thanks to our sponsors, the #CBCAnniversary Party turned out to be a super fun night. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to more events like this. First, I would like to acknowledge the sponsors for the anniversary party:
 One of the most successful restaurants that emerged in Cebu in the past year is Orange Karenderia. Orange Karenderia specializes in seafood dishes specifically tuna. I always love seafood and I really enjoy eating here as I can order parts of the tuna that are not usually served in other restaurants like the bihod (eggs), bagaybay(gonads), and buntot (tail). The restaurant is not all about tuna as it serves many other delicious dishes. 
Squid or Nocos, as we call it in Cebu is one of the most common seafood that is offered in  Filipino restaurants and grill places.  Squid is quite versatile as it can be an ingredient to a noodle dish like Bam-i, an appetizer as Fried Calamari or a viand like adobong pusit.  One of my favorite preparations for squid is simply grilling it.  Sinugbang Nocos works for me as a main dish or a pulutan. When you are grilling squid, you have to make sure not to overcook.  Grilled squid is best at medium or mdium rare especially when you are using a really fresh squid. Dipping the squid in some local vinegar would really give it a nice flavor.

when was the last time you had squid???
I love pork and most Cebuanos share the same feeling towards this meat.  One of my favorite pork dishes aside from the iconic lechon is crispy pata. Crispy Pata is basically a deep-fried hind leg of a pig. The best crispy pata must have crunchy skin and succulent meat.  One of the best ways to achieve a perfect crispy pata is to boil the leg with some herbs and spices. After boiling it, you have to make the meat "rest" and then put it in the freezer or refrigerator overnight. The next day, you can deep fry it in really hot oil.  Crispy Pata is available in almost all Filipino Restaurants.  One of the best places to eat this dish here in Cebu is at Alejandro's.  For me, that restaurant serves the best Crispy Pata.  

Do you also have a favorite place for crispy pata? Comment and share to us your favorite crispy pata place.
One of the cheap baked items that I grew up eating was the bagong bayan. It must have been decades since I last ate one.  The rise of more glamorous bakeshops has relegated some of the most common snack fares into obscurity. I went to Parkmall last weekend to check on their weekend market and I was surprised to see the bagong bayan. I did not know that some bakeries are still selling this cheap yet delicious snack. I bought a pack home and eating it brought back a lot of good memories. I would probably buy more the next time I see someone selling this old favorite.

Do you have an old favorite that you have not tasted for quite a while?
Leche Flan from Meximama
One of my favorite local desserts is the Leche Flan. It was love at firs taste when I first had Leche Flan back when I was a little boy.  My mom is an expert in making this enjoyable dessert.  This is an easy dessert to make, but it takes some time to master.  Leche Flan is made of sugar, egg yolks, evaporated milk and condensed milk. It is sweet, creamy, and addictive. 

Here is a link to a  good Leche Flan Recipe from Food.com: http://www.food.com/recipe/special-leche-flan-275014

Do you love Leche Flan too? What are your childhood dessert favorites?

Zucre Pastry Shop, 2nd Floor City Times Square, Mandaue City, Best cheesecake in Cebu
When it comes to quick meals and desserts, one of my personal go-to places is Zucre Pastry Shop.The modest dessert place is located at the  2nd Floor of the bustling City Times Square in Mandaue City.  It is being managed by a young entrepreneur who intends to be one of the best cake makers in the metropolis in the years to come. I have been to Zucre several times already and I have listed my 8 favorite specialties of the cake shop/cafe.
Eucheuma or Guso prepared Ceviche-style with coconut vinegar, tomatoes, onions, ginger, and chili.
One of the most popular seaweeds that are part of the Cebuano diet is guso or Eucheuma.  The most common preparation for guso is kinilaw-style.  To make kinilaw na guso or enchiladang guso, the seaweed is first blanched for a few seconds in boiling water.  Vinegar, tomato, ginger, onion, and chili is then added to the guso. I always love guso since I was a little boy.  I spent a majority of my childhood at the coastal town of Jagna in Bohol and guso has always been my favorite.  I prefer it over lato, another type of seaweed.  I like guso because of its texture.  I can have an enjoyable lunch with just a cup of guso as viand.

How about you, do you have a favorite seaweed? 
A lot of friends list Humba as one of their favorite sud-an or viands. Humba is a local pork dish that that is really popular  in Cebu and the nearby islands. It is made of a fatty cut of pork like the belly or ham. The dish is really similar to the adobo of the Tagalogs of Luzon.  It is much sweeter than the adobo due to the inclusion of brown in the cooking process. The sweet, salty, and oily humba is perfect with some hot rice although I love eating a freshly cooked humba with bahaw or cold left over rice. The fatty sauce is like a meal by itself because I can probably eat several cups of rice with some humba sauce.  My mom's doctor actually blames humba as one of the major factors why Filipinos have fatty liver disease.  He maybe, right but that does not stop many people from cooking and loving the heavenly humba.  

Warning: Too Much Heavenly Humba might bring you to heaven sooner than expected. ;)