6-30-2015 Food of the Day: Humba

A lot of friends list Humba as one of their favorite sud-an or viands. Humba is a local pork dish that that is really popular  in Cebu and the nearby islands. It is made of a fatty cut of pork like the belly or ham. The dish is really similar to the adobo of the Tagalogs of Luzon.  It is much sweeter than the adobo due to the inclusion of brown in the cooking process. The sweet, salty, and oily humba is perfect with some hot rice although I love eating a freshly cooked humba with bahaw or cold left over rice. The fatty sauce is like a meal by itself because I can probably eat several cups of rice with some humba sauce.  My mom's doctor actually blames humba as one of the major factors why Filipinos have fatty liver disease.  He maybe, right but that does not stop many people from cooking and loving the heavenly humba.  

Warning: Too Much Heavenly Humba might bring you to heaven sooner than expected. ;)


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