7-5-2015 Sinugbang Nocos

Squid or Nocos, as we call it in Cebu is one of the most common seafood that is offered in  Filipino restaurants and grill places.  Squid is quite versatile as it can be an ingredient to a noodle dish like Bam-i, an appetizer as Fried Calamari or a viand like adobong pusit.  One of my favorite preparations for squid is simply grilling it.  Sinugbang Nocos works for me as a main dish or a pulutan. When you are grilling squid, you have to make sure not to overcook.  Grilled squid is best at medium or mdium rare especially when you are using a really fresh squid. Dipping the squid in some local vinegar would really give it a nice flavor.

when was the last time you had squid???


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