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Pizza Week at Kalami Cebu

Dear Kalami Cebu readers,
I was not able to write much last month due to some family commitments.  I had a lot of visitors in August so I was spending more time driving people around.  The good thing about having visitors was that I was able to gather a lot of content to write about.  I have been to several Pizza places lately and I have hundreds of MBs worth of Pizza pictures. To become more productive this month, I divided some of backlogs and schedule similar restaurants on the same week. So to start off this practice, I will make this week as Pizza Week.
Pizza Week will about the popular Italian invention that puts cheese, meat, veggies, spices, and fruits on top of a round flat bread. Pizza has been one of my favorite snacks ever.  I love pizza even the cheap ones. I used to consider the Pizza segment as boring and mature.  I felt that there was no more innovation in the segment and it is dominated by the big players like Shakeys, Pizza Hut, and Greenwich.  The last innovation I…

Da VInci's Happy Hour Promo Ends Today

Today is your last day to take advantage of Da Vinci's Happy Hour Promo. I consider this as the ultimate pizza promo as Da Vinci's offers their delicious pizzas in a Buy One Take One deal.  I discovered this promo a couple of weeks ago, but it took me weeks to find the right time to go to a Da Vinci's branch. I was lucky to avail of it last Thursday at Da Vinci's Parkmall. It was the second to the last day of the Happy Hour deal.  Since today is a holiday and  lot of you would probably go out then I suggest you have your snacks at Da Vinci and avail of this awesome deal.

Love Coffee? Try Cafe Jasmin!

One day, I went out to check the latest DVDs available at my favorite stall in E-Zone Paseo.  I saw that a couple of new food spots opening in that area. Since it was early afternoon, I went to check out Cafe Jasmin, a coffee shop owned by a friendly Korean woman.  At first I thought it was just one of those cute Korean-themed cafes but I was wrong.  Cafe Jasmin offers delicious coffee made from high-quality beans that make this unassuming a cafe a great spot for your daily caffeine fix.

Tongara Ramen an Instant Favorite

I must admit that I am a Noodle Guy. I love noodles for a long time.  The first dish that I cooked on my own was instant noodles way back when I was still in elementary school. Ever since then I enjoy eating noodles in all shapes and sizes. Pasta, pancit canton, palabok, batchoy, and bam-i are among my favorite dishes of all time. Now that I am grown-up, I love eating some delicious ramen during special occasions.  I recently got to try the ramen at Tongara Ramen during the restaurant's media lunch and it was love at first taste.

Joyful Dinner at Gibb's Hot Wings Streetscape Branch

I finally got a chance to eat at newly opened Gibb's Hot Wings branch at Streetscape in Maria Luisa Road Banilad when I was invited by its owner Frank Oliva on the media launch of the new branch. It is an eventful night as I was able to meet fellow bloggers and the foodpanda. I had a lot of pictures, but the highlight would be the different dishes that Gibb's will be offering to their customers.

Kalami Cebu First Ever Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 100,000 page views, Kalami Cebu is running its first ever giveaway. Since this is a food blog then we will giving out goodies that will give the winners a chance to eat some of the featured restaurants here in the blog.

First Prize: 500 Gift Voucher from foodpanda.

Second Prize: Eat and Drink All You Khan Gift Certificate from Kublai Khan Ayala Terraces.

Third Prize: Php200 Gift Certificate from Gibb's Hot Wings.

Since, it is my first-ever giveaway, I am making it very easy to join.  Just follow the instructions and you will have a chance to win the #happytummy-inducing prizes. Please also like our facebook page so that you will be updated with our giveaways which will happen every month.

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foodpanda has arrived in Cebu!

There are just days where you crave for food yet you do not want go out of your house or office. In the past, you might just settle by calling a fast-food delivery hotline because your favorite restaurant does not have a delivery service. It is not a problem anymore because the foodpanda is now in Cebu to give you a #foodgasm in just a few clicks.  Download the app and you will have access to a delivery menu that features different cuisines and cooked by some of the best restaurants in the city.

13 TerrificThings that you should Taste at Golden Prince's Taste of Heaven Buffet

I was invited recently at the relaunch of Golden Prince Hotel's Taste of Heaven along with some of my friends from the Cebu Blogging Community. Just like any ordinary guy, I love eat-all-you-can buffets. I am the type of person who would like to taste everything and eat as much. I have been to many buffets and I was a bit taken aback at first of the name of hotel's buffet. Having heaven in the buffet name raised my expectations. After enjoying a fantastic meal, all my skepticism were erased. Taste of heaven became instant favorite because of its price, selection, and abundance of seafood dishes.