13 TerrificThings that you should Taste at Golden Prince's Taste of Heaven Buffet

I was invited recently at the relaunch of Golden Prince Hotel's Taste of Heaven along with some of my friends from the Cebu Blogging Community. Just like any ordinary guy, I love eat-all-you-can buffets. I am the type of person who would like to taste everything and eat as much. I have been to many buffets and I was a bit taken aback at first of the name of hotel's buffet. Having heaven in the buffet name raised my expectations. After enjoying a fantastic meal, all my skepticism were erased. Taste of heaven became instant favorite because of its price, selection, and abundance of seafood dishes.
The new home of Golden Prince Hotel and Suite's buffet is the newly-opened Le'Mon Restaurant at the new tower. The buffet is currently priced at 480 pesos including unlimited drinks.
Salad Station with 3 different kinds of Green Salad

Bread and Soup station
Chinese Station - Mami, Siopao and Siomai

Fried appetizers including Tempura and Spring Rolls

Maki and Hosomaki

Baked Oysters with Garlic and Cheese
Pasta Station

Grill Station and Mear Dishes

Roasted Turkey

Mango Tapioca and Fruit Salad

More Desserts
After browsing their selection, I knew I was in for a great night of eating and #happytummy. The selection is quite impressive.  For the price point, the dish selection is probably one of the best. The Taste of Heaven Buffet does not boast having the most dishes, but you rarely see a "filler" dish on their menu. Each of the dishes is the type of food you would love to eat on a special day. I was also very impressed with the variety of seafood dishes available. I love seafood and was salivating while looking at the choices available.  The Taste of Heaven Buffet spread is already mouthwatering, but Golden Prince Hotel has some aces up their sleeve.
Before we started eating I already made a mental note of the dishes that I want to pick.  I planned to feast on the grill station goodies like the prawns, beef, and fish. I also want to have some Roasted Turkey. The third on my list was the delectable baked oysters. I planned to taste many more of their dishes although I was planning to be a bit restrained as I was with some lovely fashion bloggers. I tried, but I guess I gave in to temptation instead and feasted on that night.

13 Dishes that you should eat at the Taste of Heaven Buffet

13 . Asado Vegetables
This Chinese-inspired vegetable dish is an excellent combination of the pork asado and steamed vegetables. The vegetables and not overcooked. The asado sauce provides some saltiness that could go well with some rice.

12. Gambas Al Ajillo
The Spanish-inspired Gambas Al Ajillo is one of the delicious seafood dishes on the buffet. The Taste of Heaven buffet also has tempura for shrimp or prawn lovers.

11. Cajun Chicken
Chicken lovers will be delighted to eat their spicy and flavorful Cajun chicken.

10. Grilled Tuna
Fresh Tuna is available in their grill station.

9. Chinese Noodle Soup (Mami)
If you love soup, Mami is available in the Chinese station.  To also pumpkin soup in the soup and bread station.

8. Salpicao
Beef is among my favorite meats and the buffet serves some mildly-seasoned Salpicao.

7. Pasta
At the pasta station, you can order freshly cooked pasta (spaghetti or fettuccine) with white or tomato sauce.

6. Mini-Halo-Halo
Aside from the dessert options at the buffet table, Golden Prince Hotel will give you a mini serving  of halo-halo. The popular Filipino summer dessert is an awesome way to cap a meal. The serving is good enough for one person and it has ice cream, leche flan, corn flakes, and lots of base ingredients.

5. Honey Peppered Beef
We rarely have beef at home which makes me really want to devour as much beef when I eat out.  I was really happy with their honey peppered beef because it was grilled perfectly and the flavor was terrific.

4. Special Carving - Turkey
The Taste of Heaven Buffet will always have a carving station. On the night that I went, they had Roasted Turkey.  The Golden Prince Hotel and Suites management told me that it can change depending on the season or the availability of meat. It can be lechon, duck, or beef.  It has been a while since I had turkey and I had the first carving of the night. It was totally delicious from the skin, the meat, the stuffing, the gravy, and also the cranberries.

3. Baked Oysters
The Top 3 on this list will be all about seafood. Cebu might be an island surrounded by sea, but buying high-quality seafood could be expensive to locals. The Taste of Heaven Buffet boasts of very fine seafood dishes. If you enjoy eating oysters, you are going to get your fill at the buffet with baked oysters with garlic and cheese.  I finished at least four shells. The garlic and cheese perfectly balanced the briny oysters.

2. Prawns

Grilled prawns are the best! This is the type of food that I would like to indulge every night, but a kilo will cost 400-550 pesos at the supermarket. You can feast on freshly grilled prawns at the Golde Prince buffet. All you have to do is get a plate, put prawns on it, and give it to the grill guy. In a few minutes, it will be served to you hot.

1. Rock Lobster
Want to know a secret? The Taste of Heaven buffets gives one piece of grilled rock lobster per diner. The lobsters are not served in the buffet table. You have to inform one of the friendly waiters to "redeem" your special seafood for the night.  The rock lobsters are awesome. It is meatier than the prawns and it is fairly uncommon to see this seafood in Cebu restaurants.

In the end, I consider Golden Prince Hotel's Taste of Heaven Buffet as my grown-up version of a happy meal.  I was taken to seafood heaven and back.  I realized that sometimes the buffet cannot just be judged with the variety alone.  You have to consider how many actual dishes you would enjoy eating. At the taste of heaven buffet, there were a lot. I strongly recommend this buffet especially  to folks who love seafood. For 480 pesos, you can absolutely get your money's worth here.  The buffet is available every Friday and Saturday from 6:30 - 10 pm.  For reservations, please call (32) 233-8660.


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