Joyful Dinner at Gibb's Hot Wings Streetscape Branch

I finally got a chance to eat at newly opened Gibb's Hot Wings branch at Streetscape in Maria Luisa Road Banilad when I was invited by its owner Frank Oliva on the media launch of the new branch. It is an eventful night as I was able to meet fellow bloggers and the foodpanda. I had a lot of pictures, but the highlight would be the different dishes that Gibb's will be offering to their customers.

I have eaten several times at Gibb's Hot Wings at their main branch at Holy Family Subdivision II. I tried all the 5 levels of hot wings except the 1st level.  I also had their pasta and potato wedges.  I consider the restaurant as one of my favorites. I thought I tasted all the good things that they can offer. I was wrong.

5 Dishes to try at Gibb's Hot Wings Streetscape Branch

1 . Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese is one of the classic side dishes in restaurants and diners.  Gibb's version is sweet and mild which is a good compliment to their spicy chicken wing offerings.

2. Hickory Mustard Spicy Chicken Wings
It is not all about spicy wings at Gibb's as they also serve chicken wings in different sauces. The Hickory Mustard wings can either be spicy or sweet depending on the customer preference. The sauce made the wings more mouthwatering than usual.  The tangy mustard flavor is balanced with the sweet and smoky hickory sauce.

3. Spicy Honey Garlic Wings
The spicy honey garlic wing is like a party in your palate as you can sweet, sour, spicy, and salty. The combination really works so well and I think many would like eating this dish.

4. Potacos
This is one of my favorites of the night. Thinly sliced fried potato chips topped with taco-flavored minced meat with chopped lettuce and onions.

5. Wasabi Wings
If you like something different then you must try the Wasabi Wings. The delicious Gibb's Hot Wings with a Japanese-inspired Wasabi sauce. It is intense and it can probably heal you if you have colds.

I was pleasantly surprised that Gibb's Hot Wings have more delicious creations to offer. I really love eating at the new branch because it has more spacious parking although it can sometimes be packed during weekends. Gibb's is still one of my favorites there in spite of the presence of other amazing dining options. You may also order your favorite Gibb's Hot Wings via Foodpanda app.

What are your favorites at Gibb's Hot Wings???


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