Love Coffee? Try Cafe Jasmin!

One day, I went out to check the latest DVDs available at my favorite stall in E-Zone Paseo.  I saw that a couple of new food spots opening in that area. Since it was early afternoon, I went to check out Cafe Jasmin, a coffee shop owned by a friendly Korean woman.  At first I thought it was just one of those cute Korean-themed cafes but I was wrong.  Cafe Jasmin offers delicious coffee made from high-quality beans that make this unassuming a cafe a great spot for your daily caffeine fix.

Before I went in Cafe Jasmin, I browsed on their poster just to get an idea what they are offering. At first glance, I thought that the cafe is expensive. Half a sandwich plus a drink would cost 150-200 pesos.  I had second thoughts of trying the place, but my curiosity egged me on.

When I went in, my initial impression of an overpriced cafe vanished.  The place smells really good and the decorations were Instagram-worthy. I see a lot of coffee beans from different regions. I realized that it was a serious coffee shop. I talked to the owner and she was really passionate about coffee. She told me that they sell coffee beans as well. The "I love coffee" sign was definitely apt for Cafe Jasmin.

I decided to order the bagel and latte for 200 pesos. I used to eat bagel often for breakfast back when I was still working in Makati.  The bagel with cream cheese surely went well with the coffee. The latte art skills of the baristas there were decent enough for me to have a #latteart Instagram post.

The owner gave me a sample of her shake made of tomatoes. It was really pleasant. I did not know that tomatoes could taste so good. It was delightful, refreshing, and for sure, healthy. I would probably order one the next time I visit there.

If you are someone who is particular with the quality of coffee that you drink then Cafe Jasmin would be perfect for you. The coffee is definitely their strongest point.  The coffee beans are of excellent quality and it is even sold by the gram.  Cafe Jasmin also grinds coffee for you. This is a must-try place for coffee lovers.

For more information about this coffee shop, visit their Facebook page.


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