Cake Shop in Cebu: Lava by Fudge

A couple of months ago, I was strolling around Ayala mall and I saw that there was a little dessert shop under the escalator in the ground floor of the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a mini-branch of a popular cake shop in Cebu, Fudge. Lava by Fudge is a place to enjoy some delicious lava cakes, but they also offer many other interesting items for people who are looking to eat some snacks or desserts. I really had a blast on my first visit there.

At first glance, Lava by Fudge looks like a typical cake shop in Cebu that offers cakes and coffee.  It is located near a popular clothing store which was a bit odd. Its location, though, is a perfect place to attract women who like to eat after spending hours shopping or window shopping.

I went there during lunch time and I decided to get a meat pie and cap my meal with a serving of their lava cake.  I decided on the Chicken Curry Pie because it was the day that the Golden State Warriors led Stephen Curry won an NBA title.

Chicken Curry Pie at Lava by Fudge Priced at 95 pesos, the Chicken Curry Pie at Lava by Fudge was served hot. It came at a decent size which is suitable for a light lunch or an afternoon snack. The crust was soft and chewy partly because it was heated on a microwave oven. The filling has a good yellow color and it smelled like a mild curry dish. The chicken curry pie was spicy, but not overpowering. I was pretty satisfied with it. Chicken Curry Pie
4 / 5
After eating my Chicken Curry Pie, I wanted to cleanse my mouth so that I can taste the Lava Cake properly. I asked for some service water and unfortunately, they do not serve it at Lava by Fudge. It was slightly disappointing. I really felt that every dessert place should be required to provide free water. I was forced to buy some bottled water.

Lava Cake at Lava by Fudge At 120 pesos, it was an awesome dessert to cap my lunch. The chocolate cake was good and it was very moist in the inside.  The Ice cream topping provides a contrast of temperatures with hot fudge filling. It was a joy to the mouth.  I would love to come back here to try out the other flavors. Lava Cake
5 / 5
Save for absence of service water, my experience there was pretty pleasant.  It was not really cheap, but I enjoyed both of the items that I ordered. The food at Lava by Fudge were reasonably priced and it gave me a delightful experience. The Lava Cake was #foodporn-worthy as well.  Ayala Center Cebu has another good place for the sweet tooth to flock to and the Instagram fanatics to check out. If they only served service water, I would probably visit this place more often.

Have you tried the Lava Cake at Lava by Fudge? Let me know what are the other delicious items that you have tried here by making a comment.


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