Da Vinci's Pizza Piccolo for Breakfast

 Last weekend, I was able to taste Da Vinci's Pizza Piccolo. I liked it a lot and I was more than happy to bring a trio of it home. I putted a box in the ref then a couple of days later I decided to eat the pizzas for breakfast. I used a sandwich press to heat it and magic happened. I just discovered a new breakfast favorite.

 Pizza Piccolo is priced at 59 pesos each and it has to be ordered in a box of three. The flavors available are Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Tres Queso, Mona Lisa, Bacon Delight, Vegetarian Masterpiece, Meat Lovers, Buffed-Up Meatballs, Banana Nutella, and Chili Con Carne.  Pizza Piccolo are bite-sized pizzas and one piece is a filling snack already. Your box of 3 could be in three different flavors. I have tried the Bacon Delight, Chili Con Carne, and Mona Lisa.  I like them all.

Pizza Piccolo Breakfast

Pizza Piccolo
Sunbeam  Sandwich Press

 1. I got the 2-day old Pizza Picccolo from the refrigerator and prepared it for heating.
2. I plug in the sandwich press and pre-heat it.
 3. I waited a couple of minutes for the light to turn green.
 4. I put 1 Bacon Delight Pizza Piccolo and 1 Chili Con Carne Pizza Piccolo on the sandwich press.
 5. I closed the sandwich press and I waited for the light to turn red.
 6. I opened the press. Voila! A freshly heated pizza. It looks and smells good.  I transferred the pizzas on a plate.
 7. I turned off the sandwich press and used a tissue to clean the sandwich press.

8. I had an enjoyable breakfast of 2 Pizza Piccolos.

The Pizza Piccolos still tasted awesome even if it were two days old. A toaster could probably be a better heating appliance for it, but the sandwich press did its job. I really like Da Vinci's Pizza Piccolo and I think they have a good product in this one. I like the idea of having 3 different personal pizzas in one order and Da Vinci's did not skimp on their toppings. I had fun doing this pizza experiment and I am probably going to do this again. I wanna have the Banana Nutella and Tres Queso for breakfast next time.

This post caps my pizza week and next week will be called the Pinoy Food Week. ;)


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