How APEC turned me into a Food Blogger???

I attended the APEC Forum the other day and listened to Undersecretary Jose Mari M. Oquinena. The more I listened to his speech, the more I realized that APEC has a lot to do with me being a food blogger. We might not all directly see it but every day, Filipinos have been benefiting from the fruits of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.  Without APEC, I probably not be blogging right now.

Interconnectivity is one of the primary benefits of APEC. APEC allowed economies to collaborate and promote initiatives that have benefited the different economies involved. In a way, it opened the gates for the information technology boom. Without APEC, our internet connections would be so slow. Without the internet, the rise of mobile media would have been postponed for decades. Without that, there will be no bloggers. The improvement of telecommunication systems has a direct impact to bloggers as well as call center agents and even OFWs. 

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation has really been instrumental in transforming our country. Yes, there is still gaps between our infrastructure here against the bigger economies, but nevertheless the cooperation created jobs that were not possible before. 

Another main factor that affected my blogging is the trade.  Trade between economies has given people involved in the food, beverage, and restaurant industries access to ingredients that were really expensive before. We can now easily buy fruits from other countries like apples, pears, grapes, and peaches. Same as other ingredients like vegetables and even meat. The availability of new raw materials has somehow elevated the level of creativity among local chefs, cooks, and business owners. Blueberry Cheesecake, for example, is now available almost anywhere in the country. More ingredients mean more #foodporn pics and more fusion dishes. These are the ingredients of a good food blog. With the new ingredients, a whole new world of culinary creations has been opened. 

APEC also opened borders and now a lot of people can travel freely in other countries.  This also opens a great opportunity for bloggers to explore nearby regions and experience their culture including their food and the cooking practices. It is also allowed chefs to enrich their knowledge on food preparation, handling, and preservation and bring it back to their home country.

I am truly thankful for APEC for giving me this opportunity to talk about our food and to let the people around the world know about it. Thanks to the people at the Public Information Agency, I realized that I have directly benefitted from APEC as a blogger. ;)

How about you? How did APEC benefitted you?


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