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It was a great year for food and food trips for Kalami Cebu.  It would not have been this awesome if not for all the Kalaminions who participated in my food trips.  As the first "Thank You" post to cap the year, Kalami Cebu would like to recognize all the people who are instrumental in joining me in this food blog journey.

Kalaminions of 2016

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"Winging is not everything! It's the only sure thing!"

There has been a lot of new  Chicken Wing Places in Cebu lately and I got invited to the opening Sure Thing Chicken Wing at F. Ramos Street.  It might not be my favorite part of the chicken but I also love to eat wings.  I checked out the wings at this place and I know what to order the next time I visit this restaurant.

Grilled Back Ribs, Byron's Back Ribs Grille, Byron's Back Ribs, Bacolod's Best Ribs, Best Ribs in Cebu, Ribs Restaurants in Cebu, Pork Ribs, Top Cebu Food Blog

Cebuano's love grilled pork ribs.  I have tried several restaurants who tried to claim to be Cebu's King of Ribs and yes, they are many. Here comes another challenger!  From the island of Negros comes Bacolod's Best Byron's Back Ribs Grille. The ribs champion from the land of Masskara attempts to conquer the land of Sinulog.  I tried their ribs and I am pretty sure they can make local Rib Masters a bit uncomfortable.

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Last week, a couple of Kalamionion friends checked out as new restaurant in the General Maxilom Avenue area called Canton King.  At first, I thought it was a "panciteria" or a noodle place and I was freakin' wrong.   Canton King actually serves some roast specialties combined with delicious Singaporean and Cantonese dishes. We really enjoyed sampling their offerings and I think Cebuanos should at least give this restaurant a try.

Sunburst Fried Chicken, Sunburst Ayala Terraces, Bastian Seno, fried chicken, Fried Chicken Skin,

One of my all-time favorite local fried chicken places is back in Ayala Center Cebu. Sunburst Fried Chicken has opened a branch at the Ayala Center Terraces after almost a year of absence.   If you are a big fan of their fried chicken, I am pretty sure that this news gives you a good reason to smile. I was there on their first day and I was glad to see that Sunburst Ayala Terraces was greeted with a full house at lunch time. 
Ikkousha Ramen, Ikkousha Ramen Cebu, Hakata Ramen, Tonkotsu, Best ramen places in Cebu, Ramen, Karaage, Special Tonkotsu Ramen, God Fire Ramen, Cebu Food Blogger

Ikkousha means "one happy place".  This new ramen shop is positioning itself to be the happy place for Cebuano Ramen lovers.  Ikkousha Ramen comes from Hakata, Japan. Hakata is the home of Tonkotsu, the legendary broth that made ramen a worldwide phenomenon.  At Ikkousha Ramen Cebu, you can expect the best and most authentic Tonkotsu Ramen in town.  
What is your favorite part of Lechon?

Christmas is synonymous to lechon in Cebu. During the Christmas season, you will probably eat lechon every day if you love going to Christmas parties here in the Queen City of the South.  I lived in Manila before and they do not eat as much lechon as an average Cebuano.  Since people living in Cebu eat so much lechon,  each one of us has a favorite part.  Here is my take on the most delicious parts of the lechon.

Rico's Lechon opens a new restaurant in Axis Entertainment Avenue

There are many amazing lechon brands in Cebu but I cannot find an owner as active and visible as Enrico "Rico" V. Dionson of Rico's Lechon.   The "masiador" turned lechon magnate has steered his lechon business into one of the most recognizable food brands in Cebu.  Rico's Lechon is set to dominate Cebu's vibrant lechon market in the years to come.

Humble Beginnings of Rico Dionson

Kalami Cebu's Carlo Olano with Lechon King Rico Dionson

When I was growing up, I never heard of Rico's Lechon.  In the early 90's, my family would probably get lechon from Alejo's, Cang's, or Villalonga.   Well, in those times Rico Dionson was still a Kristo or Masiador in the cockpit.  I have a dad who loves to go to the cockpit on Sundays and I know that a Kristo's job is pretty tough.

A Kristo is a guy who shouts for someone to look for someone who bets against him. They are the ones shouting jargons like "10-7" or "inilog".  They make money if the boss wins the bet.   Well, Cebu's Lechon King started that way.  Then he realized that being a masiador will not be enough to support a growing family.  So, he had a brilliant idea. One day, he just decided to become a lechonero.

Even if he did not have the experience, he just thought that the idea of being a lechon maker would work.  Since he had a lot of rich connections from the cockpit, he believed he would not run out of clients.  It also helps that his mother in law was connected to a big TV Network.  The idea was great but it did not start very well.

His first client was a guy in the cockpit and he gave him a very salty roasted pig. The guy said that with just a few pinches of salt and the pig would have tasted like the sea.  The next day, he gave the client another lechon but this time it was too bland.  He did not give up.  After several tries, he finally found his secret formula.  Rico's resilience and confidence are what started the legend of Rico's Lechon. 

Rico Dionson talks to the press during the launch of Rico's Lechon Axis

The Big Break

In 1998, Rico Dionson was juggling two jobs.  He was still a masiador and also a budding lechon maker.  He goes to the cockpit bringing calling cards and telling the rich sabongeros about his lechon venture.

On that year, the Philippines elected Joseph "Erap" Estrada as president. One of Rico's favorite patrons was a close friend of the president.  One day, he asked Rico to send 3 lechons to his house so that President Erap can taste it.  At first, he was a bit disappointed when he saw that his friend also ordered lechon from other suppliers. In a way, he felt a bit betrayed because he thought the guy only buys lechon from him. 

The next day, his friend called him up and told him that President Erap thought that his lechon is the best.  His elation turned into fear when his friend told him to pack his bags and bring 50 pigs to Malacanang Palace.  The humble Cebuano lechonero was going to the capital to cook for the head of state.  After buying all the pigs in Mandaue, he went to Malacanang and served Rico's Lechon to the president and his friends.

Ever since then, the president only gets lechon from Rico.  Rico Dionson is always proud to say that he is the first and probably the only lechon maker who had an opportunity to cook for a president. For him, Erap is one the best lechon eaters.  He intimated that the ex-President can finish a whole lechon all by himself.

Rico Dionson with Family and Friends at the blessing of Rico's Lechon Axis

Rico's Lechon as a brand

When Rico's Lechon emerged, my favorite is definitely their spicy lechon.  I think that they are the ones who started that trend and many brands followed by introducing their own spicy lechon variant.  
In the last couple of years, Rico's Lechon has been one of the favorites of tourists.  Many travelers flock to Rico's Lechon just to buy some roast pig that they will take to their part of the world. I lived just 5 minutes from their Mabolo branch and I always see a lot of people buying lechon for take-out.  

Many lechon restaurants opened in the last few years.  It probably started with Zubuchon that opened a lechon restaurant with an upscale vibe.  When I was younger, most lechon restaurants were just like carenderias or barbecue stalls.  Rico's Mabolo was more of like that a couple of years ago.

#DaBestGyud Lechon from Rico's Lechon
The trend of having fine-dining restaurants built around lechon continued.  It prompted Rico's to finally join the fray early this year with the opening of its branch in Mactan.  The restaurant has helped elevate Rico's  Lechon's brand status.  Rico's also moved their Mabolo branch to a bigger spot in the same complex.  I still see Boss Rico often when I eat at the Mabolo branch. 

Boss Rico Dionson is very hands-on and he gets involve in the day to day operations of his restaurant group.  He serves as a waiter and he loves cracking up jokes with the customers.  Rico's Lechon biggest brand ambassador is definitely its founder.

Dionson Family Affair - Cebu's Lechon Royalty

Rico's Lechon as a Family Business

The rapid expansion of Rico's Lechon would not have been possible without the help of the Dionson family.  Rico Dionson's daughters and in-laws are very involved in the operations.   The daughters of Rico has been instrumental in the rise of the brand in the age of social media.

Rico's tagline of #DaBestGyud has been well received by the public.   Among the lechon brands, Rico's Lechon has probably the best social media campaign.  The hashtag is perfect for the company and it is the type of phrase that Rico Dionson would say to his friends about his lechon.

Melanie Dionson Oyas, Jeff Oyas, and Rico Dionson #DaBestGyud

The Rico's daughters Susan Claire and Melanie are directly involved with the company as well as their husbands Renz and Jeff.  2016 was a great year for the company as they opened new branches and upgraded their commissary.  This year, Rico's Lechon has also become pretty popular with hotels as the company supplies lechon to several hotel buffets like in Castle Peak and St. Mark Hotel.

Due to its popularity, I would definitely say that Rico Dionson is Cebu's Lechon King and his family as Lechon royalty.

Chef Sandy Daza, Rico Dionson, Carlo Suarez, and Jonathan Lo

Rico's Lechon's new branch

Rico's Lechon recently opened its new branch at Axis Entertainment Avenue. The new restaurant has a menu that features lechon and other dishes that compliment the Cebuano specialty.  Rico's Lechon - Axis will also serve as an ordering station for lechon.  The branch opens 8 am for lechon orders and the restaurant will start serving diners at 10 am.

Rico's Lechon at Axis Entertainment Avenue #Axisible

Rico Dionson advises Cebuanos to order as early as possible during the holiday season.  He wants everyone to enjoy some lechon in the Noche Buena table and his workers are working 24/7 this month in order to meet the orders from Cebu and other places. 

1 Kilo of Rico's Spicy Lechon

Rico's Favorite part of the Lechon

For Boss Rico, the best part is the abaga or shoulder area. He recommends that part because the juices flow to that area and it is very meaty.  Since the shoulders do not contain bones unlike the ribs, it is also one of the most economical parts of the lechon if you buy it by the kilo.

I really learned a lot talking to the King Lechon Cebu and I am pretty inspired about his story.  Who would have thought that #DaBestGyud lechon is related to fighting cocks.  The possibilities in life are endless and it is never too late to start something.  Opportunities in life are just like your favorite part of the lechon, you will never go wrong as long as you eat it fresh and hot of the lechon pit.

How about you? What is your favorite part of lechon?  I will reveal mine on my next post. ;)

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Skillet's Dew Droplet Cake

I am not really a sweet tooth by I love to try unique food items.  One of the most unique culinary creations that I discovered recently would be Skillet Japanese Cafe and Bistro's Dew Droplet Cake. This "cake" is popularly known as Raindrop Cake or in Japan, it is called Mizu Shingen Mochi. The dessert had a semi-cultlike following in New York. Surprisingly, it is now in Cebu.  Thanks to #ZomatoPh, I was able to try it recently.

Seaside Saloon by The Social, SM Seaside City, Cebu

 The Social recently opened their newest restaurant concept in Cebu at the SM Seaside City.  The new place is called Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social.  Just like their concept in Ayala Center Cebu, the new restaurant is another hybrid coz it is diner/sports bar/ music bar.  It's all about fun at Seaside Saloon by The Social.  The Kalaminions were there to check to preview what they are offering to Cebu.

50 Memorable Foods of October

October was a busy month for my tongue and tummy as I tried a lot of yummy dishes.   I visited tons of new places and also reconnected with some old favorites. It was indeed a great gastronomic month as Kalami Cebu's version of Octoberfest involved restaurants from up north, the capital and of course, beloved Cebu.  Check out my 50 memorable foods of October:

Join The Body Language Workshop with The Mental Assassin in Cebu

I miss +Thaddeau II Engaling.  He was one of the best team building facilitators while he was still in Cebu.  He migrated to California earlier this year. I recently went to Brown Cup at Rose Dale Talamban to meet up with his buddies from the Cebu Team Building Facilitators Network and learn about what they are up to.  Well, they are bringing the "Mental Assasin" to Cebu for a Body Language Advantage workshop and I am going to attend it.

Michael Karlo Lim and JP Chionbian of Sugbo Mercado

Phenomenal! That is how I describe Sugbo Mercado.  This food market concept has been a game changer in the food industry here in Cebu.  I recently had a chitchat with Sugbo Mercado's Michael Karlo Lim and JP Chiongbian at Tin Gow Restaurant at the Waterfront Cebu and they bared the mouthwatering plans of Sugbo Mercado for the coming months.  I got pretty pumped after hearing about their intention to expand to other regions.

Air Asia launches Cebu To Singapore Route

Last Thursday, I was with the cool guys and girls of Philippines Air Asia and they just informed us that starting November 25, they will be flying 4 times weekly from Cebu to Singapore.  Wow! Just wow because I have been salivating over the prospects of having a Singapore food trip for a long time. You can even start your Lion City food trip for as low as 888 pesos per way as Air Asia will take you there in their Red and White Airbus 320s.

Cebu Digital Influencers and Bloggers

If you are a foodie, one of the major factors to having an awesome food trip would definitely  be mobility.   If you have a car, you can drive to distant places like Carcar City to have a lechon and chicharon food trip. I just talked to my friends from BPI Family at Casa Verde and they have an awesome promo this weekend that will surely tempt any Cebuano foodie to buy a brand new car.

Kalaminions in Vigan

Last month, I went to Vigan  with my mom and my Godparents. It was my first time there and I was surprised that they were celebrating a major festival.  I was just intending to have an Ilocano food trip and the Raniag Vigan Twilight Festival just made it easier. Well, this week's Kalamions #MeetEatRepeat episode features the new friends that I met in Vigan and our Raniag food trip.

Ilocano Cuisine, ilocano dishes, Bistro Amarillo, Hotel Salcedo de Vigan, Best Restaurants in Ilocos, Bagnet with KBL, Bagnet, Dinoydoy, poqui-poqui, igado, boridibod, vigan longganisa, Pinakbet,
We do not usually go to a hotel restaurant to check out the local cuisine. There are some exceptions and one of them would be the Bistro Amarillo of Hotel Salcedo de Vigan. Bistro Amarillo puts the Ilocano cuisine front and center.  I tried several of their dishes and I came out enlightened.

Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Kalami Cebu goes to Vigan, Vigan, Ilocano Cuisine, Ilocos Emapanada, Bagnet, Vigan Longanisa, Poqui-Poqui, Sinanglao, Pinakbet, Bagnet Sisi

I did not know that I was starving until I tasted...Vigan.  For a couple of years, I have been food blogging and my food adventures revolved around my lovely island of Cebu.  Yes! Cebu has a lot of awesome places but my recent trip to Vigan made realize that our country has so much to offer to foodies all around the world.

 Kalaminions, #MeetEatRepeat, #hibsters, Michel's Bistro, Cerbeso, beer, Best place to drink beer in Cebu,

I like drinking beer. San Mig Lite, Red Horse, and Pale Pilsen are the typical beers that I drink.  I have tried foreign brands and craft beers as well.  Recently, I was able to try the new beer line-up offered by Michel's Bistro and I would say that they have beers that any beer lover should try.

Kalamiminions, #MeetEatRepeat, St. Mark Hotel, Crispy Pata Buffet, Alejandro's Crispy Pata, Crispy Bata, Eat all You can Restaurant

A couple of months ago I have been raving about St. Mark Hotel's Rico's Lechon Buffet. I enjoy it so much because it was affordable and it featured many dishes that I loved eating growing up. My only beef was that the buffet was only available 3 times a week.  Well, my prayers have been answered as the hotel recently launched their Crispy Pata Buffet featuring Alejandro's Crispy Pata.  Last week, I brought my "Kalaminions" from the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) to feast on  the latest All-You-Can-Eat Buffet sensation in Cebu.

Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cafe Georg, Cherry Prepaid Handset Bundles, Cebu Blogging Community
Cebuanos love deals.  Whether we are talking about food, clothing, gadgets and probably even mobile load. Well, Cherry Mobile – the leading local mobile phone brand partnered with the giant telco company, Globe Telecom to launch its very own prepaid service called as Cherry Prepaid and they have super amazing deals for Cebuanos.

#EveryDayMandaue, Bakasi, lato, Mandaue, Mandaue City Market, World Wide Photo Walk, WWPW2016, WWPWMandaue2016, Cebu food blog

Earlier this month, I joined the Worldwide Photo Walk organized by Driftstories.Com. I am not really into street photography but I just joined the photo walk for the potential fun factor and the rewarding meal that was promised for those who complete it. Well, I had a great time and I would probably join more photo walks in the future.  My photos made me realize that I am really more into taking food photos than people photos but the best compromise are the pictures with food and people. 

Paluto-All-You-Can, Grand Convention Center, Isla Sugbu Seafood City, Seafood City, rock lobster, suahe, lapu-lapu, All you can eat restaurant,  eat all you can seafood, seafood

A couple of days ago, I was invited by Seafood City for the launch of their #PalutoAllYouCan and I was totally blown away with the dozens of ways that they can bring you to seafood heaven. If you love seafood like me, then this the ultimate all you can eat promo for you.

Tanduay, Tanduay Asian Rum, Crafted to Perfection, Kenneth Cobonpue, Morals and Malice

I finally got to try the export version of my favorite local rum, Tanduay at Morals and Malice. I really like it and I am not surprised that world class Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue agreed to become its brand ambassador.

Kalami Cebu, Septermber 2016, Top Food Drinks in Cebu, Cebu Food blog, Cebu restaurants

An awesome month has just passed and it was a hectic month for my tummy.  September is my birth month. I expected it to be busy and it really was.   I actually had a hard time picking the 32 best food and drink items of the month.   Why 32? Well, Cebu has a phone area code of 032 making that number somehow significant to Cebuanos and to Kalami Cebu.  

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

Cafe Laguna has always been one of my favorite Filipino restaurants in Cebu.  When I dine at any of their restaurants, I know that it is going to be a feast.  Last year, I was in their 24th-anniversary buffet and I definitely had a heavy dose of #happytummy. On September 28, 2016, Cebu's longest running Filipino restaurant will treat Cebuanos to a grand buffet for only Php 499.00 ++.

Cebu Goes Culinary 2016, Cebu Goes Culinary, Hotel Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu, HRRAC, Culinary competition

The Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu Inc. (HRRAC) is once again holding another edition of Cebu Goes Culinary.  Cebu Goes Culinary is a biennial culinary competition featuring the best talents of Cebu.  Now in its twelfth year,  #CebuGoesCulinary2016 is set to be bigger and more intense than the past competitions. The event will be held on July 22-23 at newly-opened Robinsons Galleria Cebu.
Dishes at Makan Ahooy

Lately, I have been concentrating on making videos for my Instagram account and Facebook page.  One of my videos recently got over 8,000 views without using ads and it was about this new food court that has opened in Salinas Drive named Makan Ahooy Food Kiosk.  This food court promises to give you some of the best eats at super affordable prices.  Check it out and tell me what you think about it.

Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Cebu Food Blog, June 2016, Urban Crave

June 2016 was a busy month for Kalami Cebu. I posted fewer blog posts compared to other months but most of my content were on my social media accounts.  The main culprit for less output in the blog would definitely be my new camera, the Sony A6300.  I bought a new camera to help in my blogging and it worked but breaking in my new cam was a bit detrimental to my blogging.
Gustus, Gustus Resto, Sizzling Bulalo, Crispy Pata, Sisig, Shrimp in a bag, Restaurants in Tagbilaran, Best Restaurants in Bohol, Where to eat in Tagbilaran, Seas the Day Bohol Tour,

In my recent trip to Bohol, I went to Dumuluan Resort to learn kayaking. After hours of struggling in  a kayak, I wanted to have a belly-busting dinner.  Our host during our Seas the Day tour brought us to Gustus and it really satisfied the carnivore in me.  The trip to Gustus was another eye-opening experience about the vastly improving gastronomic options in Bohol. 
Hausbrandt, Hausbrandt Philippines, Hausbrandt by 1892  Euro Food, Cafes in Cebu, Biatelli, Moka Pot, la caffettiera, coffee shop, Cebu food blog

Italian brand Hausbrandt opened its first cafe in the Philippine at the Capitol Square, Escario Street, Cebu City. Hausbrandt has a presence in 70 countries worldwide and they plan to be a major player in the local coffee market. What sets Hausbrandt by Euro Food 1892 from their competitors is their way of brewing their coffee.  They are the only cafe that mainly uses the Bialetti Moka Pot to make delicious coffee.
Vikings Buffet, Kalami Cebu, Cebu Food Blog, Grand Opening, All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, Eat All you can cebu, Best buffet restaurants in Cebu, Carvings

When I watch movies, I always feel some jealousy looking at medieval kings and warriors feasting after a victory. I sort off salivate when I see Vikings eating a whole leg of lamb using one hand. I fantasize doing just that while eating some drumsticks. Well, my fantasy turned into reality when I went to the opening of Vikings SM City Cebu.

Zomato Review, Harbour City Ayala Center Cebu, Dim sum, steamed rice, siomai, hakaw, spring rolls, Kalami Cebu Seal of Approval
 Call me old-fashioned but when it comes to food that I crave for when I live away from Cebu, Dim Sum from Harbour City is on my personal Top Ten list.  I just consider steamed rice with some spring rolls and siomai as the best lunch option on some days.  This love goes back to over 25 years  ago when I discovered this type of food in the old Ding Qua Qua near STC in Mango Avenue.  Even up to now, I always associate this type of food to good times with family and friends.
I recently partnered with +Emjae Argallon of Emjae Fotos to produce video content for this blog.  One of our first collaborations was during Foodpanda Orange Awards held at Mandarin Plaza Hotel. Foodpanda is the country's No.1 food delivery app and recently, they feted their 50 best restaurant partners.  Nineteen of the fifty top restaurants came from Cebu.  Check out our video:

Top 50 Restaurant Partners of Foodpanda in the Philippines

Ella Mae Labunog, Estrella Bakery, #KCgoestoBohol, Kalami Bohol, Hannah Dumaluan, Scones, Best Bakeries in Bohol, Pastry Shop in Tagbilaran, Illy coffee,  Cebu Blogging Community, Seas the Day Bohol Tour

I am a "rice" guy when it comes to breakfast.  I have been that since I was a kid.  Given a choice between a Tapsilog and a McMuffin, I would choose the Tapsilog 99% of the time (save for the McDonald's National Breakfast Day). In my recent trip to Bohol, I had breakfast at Estrella Bakery and it made me realize that delicious bread and pastries can replace any rice meal on some days.
A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante, SM City Cebu, Ellen Go, Mary Anne Benedicto, Katherine Neave, Timoteo Ignacio, Pizza Places in Cebu

If you love pizza, pasta, and other American-Italian favorites you should check out the recently opened A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante at the lower ground floor of SM City Cebu.  The newly opened restaurant specializes in New York-style pizza, pasta, salad, calzone, and sandwiches.  The SM City Cebu branch is A Veneto's 7th branch in the country and the first one in Cebu.