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Last month, Ulli's Streets of Asia had its 2nd anniversary and Kalami Cebu was there to enjoy the amazing dishes and desserts that this restaurant has to offer. Ulli's is part of Laguna Garden group which is bannered by the iconic Cafe Laguna. This Asian restaurant features dishes that are inspired by the different street foods found in different cities of Asia. Eating there is like a gastronomic journey around Asia in one meal.  During their second anniversary, Ulli's treated the diners with a free dessert buffet. Here are some highlights of the awesome lunch that I had there:
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 Last weekend, I had another round of the Taste of Heaven Buffet at Golden Prince Hotel.  The Taste of Heaven Buffet has become one of my family's favorite buffets in the city. When my mom visited Cebu last November, she hosted several dinners at the hotel.  She even tried to convince my cousins to stay or eat at the hotel when they are in town.  So, one of my cousins is in town and she treated me and Steph to a wonderful buffet dinner.  It was awesome as usual and then I learned some more exciting things that are in store at Golden Prince Hotel and Suites for the Sinulog Weekend.
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 Ever since I started Kalami Cebu, I am always on the lookout for new and unique dining places. I always love to try different cuisines and I do not normally say no to any type of food.  One of the most mouthwatering trends in the restaurant industry is the creation of fusion cuisine. Combining different cuisines brings about countless of possibilities.  Some might end so-so but there a are few times that it leads to a magnificent belly-busting combination.  I can say that Korean-Mexican fusion is one of those. Cebu will finally have a bite of this exciting trend with the opening of Señor Kimchi.
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One of my recent New Year's resolutions to somehow minimize my rice intake to help me lose some weight. I realized that one of the best ways to keep your new year's diet promises is to prepare your own meals. Cooking your own food will help you control the portions but also the ingredients you use to make your own kitchen masterpiece. I made a Spaghetti with Hungarian Sausage in my recent kitchen adventure. This recipe takes less than 30 minutes to prepare which makes this a good dish for busy people like working moms.
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When people go into a relationship, one of the most frequent activities together is eating. Dating is kinda synonymous to eating.  Couples who do not eat together usually would not last long. Couples should check out this new restaurant at the heart of Cebu City and try to rekindle the sparks that have been lost due to familiarity. Gayuma ni Maria aims to dispel the belief of #walangforever and to elevate relationships to magical levels.
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A couple of months ago, my sister-in-law visited Cebu from the United States and she was craving for some Spanish dishes. She was asking if there were any good Spanish restaurants in Cebu.  I told her there are several and the first restaurant that popped into my mind was Ipar's Restaurante y Bar de Tapas in F. Ramos Street. We decided to have lunch and we ended up having a #happytummy full of paella, tapas, lengua, and other Spanish favorites.

According to Wikipedia, Shabu-Shabu is a Japanese dish featuring beef boiled in water. It sounds pretty straightforward, but when you go to a shabu-shabu restaurant you realize that it is not as simple as it is.  Sometimes, you get so confused on what to do as you are bombarded with raw veggies and meat which can be quite challenging if you are not into cooking. I recently got invited to eat at Shabu Way, one of the most popular restaurants in Cebu for this type cuisine and I got educated on how to enjoy a shabu shabu meal.

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 I rarely buy doughnuts for myself.  I "doughnut" get much attracted to sweet stuff but I know a lot of people who loves this sweet dessert. I love buying doughnuts for others especially my wife. Recently, I was invited to cover the opening of the new Krispy Kreme branch at SM Seaside City. It was my last blogging gig for 2015 and I expected it to be an ordinary blogging event. I was wrong because I became an active participant with their opening and I ended up getting 6 free boxes of Original Glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Not one, not two but an astounding six dozens doughnuts. Good thing, they did not give it all at once.