New York Bagels come to Cebu via Kate's Bakery

A few days ago, I was walking around Ayala Center Cebu and I found this interesting new food spot. Kate's Bakeshop is trying to start a bagel-mania here in Cebu. Kate's new stall specializes in New York Bagel . I love bagels for breakfast so I really got curious. My curiosity led me to buy a half-dozen of bagels that I happily took home.

This new bagel shop is actually a good alternative to the usual coffee shop. They also serve coffee and Kate's NY Bagels can be eaten on its own or you can have it as a sandwich. I really love bagels with cream cheese or butter.  At Kate's, you have lots of options, they have Nutella, peanut butter, and even premium combinations that have smoked salmon, tuna, and even adobo.

I just had lunch that time so I was more interested in their bagels.  The bagels come in an assortment of flavors.  You can choose between several variants like rye, whole wheat, plain, cheese, garlic, multigrain, raisin, chocolate, and many more.  Each bagel costs around 40 pesos on the average.

For people who want to try sandwiches, you can pick a bagel flavor then the crew at Kate's Bakeshop will make a bagel sandwich right in front of you.  It can either be sweet (with Nutella for example) or the usual sandwich (with Ham and Cheese for example).

One cool thing of this bakeshop is that they have a special offer if you buy lots of bagels.  Buy 6 and you will get one for FREE.  If you buy 15 NY Bagels, you will be given 3 extra, free of charge.

The deal was kinda hard to resist so I decided to get 6+1 bagels. The 7 can be of different flavors and the cheapest one will be free. For seven bagels I paid Php 232.

I went home with the bagels and I had one for breakfast in the past 2 days. The NY Bagels from Kate's Bakeshop were awesome. For best results, you should toast it just before eating.  If you want the bagels to last long, just put it in the freezer.

If you love bread and you got tired of eating those sinfully sweet doughnuts, I think bagels are great alternatives for breakfast, lunch, or during times you need to load up on carbs. If you want to try some of the  best bagels in Cebu, head down to the 2nd level of Ayala Center Cebu and check out the new NY Bagel stall by Kate's Bakeshop.


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