Leveling up my Food Blogging with Globe Tattoo MyFi

I recently received a gift from Globe Prepaid as part of our participation in the Cebu Blogging Community DigitalPro Blogging Bootcamp for Professional Bloggers.  It was a Globe Tattoo MyFi device with a free SIM that has been preloaded with a GoSurf 999 data plan.  It came at a perfect time as I just had my handy Xperia Z1 back from the repair shop. For the past couple of days, the Globe Tattoo MyFi has been a companion in my blogging activities and I really find it useful.

After a few days of using the Globe Tattoo MyFi here are the 3 best things about it:

3 Great Reasons to Use Globe Tattoo MyFi 

1. Size

The device was given to me last weekend and I was really hesitant to use it.  It's not that I don't need  it but I just do not like bringing too many devices for my blogging events. I do not like looking after too many things because it disrupts my concentration. The good thing about my WiFi dongle is that it is small. It is just around 3 x 2 x .5 inch. It fits perfectly in my pocket and it does not give that noticeable bulge. My IPhone5 and the MyFi can easily fit in one pocket of my khakis.

The good thing about its size is that I can practically bring it anywhere. I can actually just put in my pocket and I become a walking WiFi router.  People within 100 meters of me will enjoy a good connection as long as I give them my password. In fact, I was able to help travel blogger Gay Dumaguing win in an Instagram contest at SM Seaside City by sharing my connection.  I am actually getting used to bringing my personal wireless modem every day for work, workout, food trips, and even road trips.

2. Shareability

The Globe GoSurf 999 Plan includes a 5 GB Data allocation. That is too much for me. At home, I do not turn on the MyFi because we have a broadband connection.  My main smartphone is using a Globe Prepaid GS299 Spotify and I do not even consume all the 1.5 GB Monthly data allocation. It is a good thing that my Globe Tattoo MyFi device can connect up to 10 devices. 

Just like what happened yesterday at SM where I give some WiFi to Gay, I was also able to share with Cebu's top tech blogger Ian Fuentes of Pinoy Metro Geek my connection when we covered a concept store opening. I am actually more than willing share some of my billions... of data to anyone who need it.

3. Battery Life

When I cover events, I usually bring two phones. While my IPhone 5 has an existing GS299 data plan, my recently resurrected Sony Xperia Z1 has no mobile data plan. I am basically bringing my Globe Tattoo MyFi device so that I can connect to Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail with my Sony phone. It is so cool because now, I do not need to switch Instagram accounts. Each of my Instagram accounts (Follow me @caloyolano and @kalamicebu) will be using their own dedicated phones. 

Yesterday, I tested the devices battery life.  I had an event at around 1:30 p.m. and another one at 3:30 p.m. I spent like 4-5 hours with the dongle on and I was able to get home around 6 p.m. with an active Globe Tattoo connection. Not bad! Plus, I have a car charger and the dongle can be charged using my Sony charger phone charger which makes it perfect for my planned road trips this summer. 

Initial Thoughts on the Globe Tatto MyFi 

All in all, I am quite happy with my Globe Tattoo MyFi device.  It will be a constant companion to my food blogging and food trips. It is so small that I can slip it in any of my pockets. I can share my 5 GB connection to my friends so that they can also post a live "blow by blow" of our Kalami Cebu adventures. Lastly, it is reliable enough to last for a few good hours and it is rechargeable which comes handy in outdoor blogging events. 

A lot of my upcoming social media posts about my food trips  and events will definitely be made possible by my Globe Tattoo MyFi device powered by Globe Prepaid.


The DigitalPro for Professional Bloggers Bootcamp is made possible by Global Hub Executive Suites (www.GlobalHub.ph) and Globe Prepaid (https://www.globe.com.ph/prepaid) in cooperation witheStratMedia and the Cebu Blogging Community. 


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