#KCgoestoBohol: Estrella Bakery

I am a "rice" guy when it comes to breakfast.  I have been that since I was a kid.  Given a choice between a Tapsilog and a McMuffin, I would choose the Tapsilog 99% of the time (save for the McDonald's National Breakfast Day). In my recent trip to Bohol, I had breakfast at Estrella Bakery and it made me realize that delicious bread and pastries can replace any rice meal on some days.

Estrella Bakery is a bakeshop/cafe located at the Aldea Business Center (Near the Saint Joseph the Worker Cathedral) in Tagbilaran City. The place serves some of the finest bread and pastries in the whole island of Bohol.  If you love coffee, this cafe is the only establishment that serves Illy Coffee in the island.

Price-wise they might be more expensive than the usual coffee place in Bohol but compared to Cebu bakeshops, Estrella Bakery is quite a steal. I tried some of their specialties and for an hour, I forgot about rice.  I am really impressed. Owner Ella Mae Labunog intimated to us that she trained abroad to learn advanced techniques. Her family has been in the baking business for years and Ella will continue the family tradition in the years to come.

The bakeshop is clean and the interior is impressive.  In that short trip to Tagbilaran, Estrella Bakery came out as one of the most Instagram-ready places in Bohol. The food is #foodporn-worthy while there are several nooks there where a girl or a couple can take their #OOTD pic.

The Best of Estrella Bakery

Here are some of my instant favorites:

Scones - My mom and my two siblings live in Australia and when I visit them I usually have these in the afternoon. In Cebu, I tried the scones at The Chocolate Chamber with some hot chocolate.  The version at Estrella Bakery was pretty awesome because it came with different fillings.  The one with strawberry jam was heavenly.

Croissants - This french pastry goes so well with coffee.  At Estrella, you can have it plain or as a sandwich.  You can have a chicken or tuna"croissandwich".

Crepe - If you are a sweet tooth, you definitely enjoy brunch with some crepe topped with vanilla ice cream. I really enjoyed eating this but for now, they are taking this off the menu. I was fortunate to be one of the last costumers to enjoy such sweet treat.

Pain Au Chocolat - For afternoon snacks, a typical Boholano or even Cebuano would probably buy some Spanish Bread or Pan de Coco.  This is the upscale version of bread with sweet filling.  This French pastry creation at Estrella Bakery has the texture of Croissants and it has a delicious chocolate filling.  Kids would definitely like this.

Blueberry Muffins - This baked goodie smelled so good and it is a delight for fans of blueberry. It is another great companion for that hot Illy coffee.

In the end, I would surely want to go back here should I have time to roam around Tagbilaran.  There might be more bakeshops and cafes that have opened in Bohol in the recent years but Estrella made a good impression on this humble blogger food blogger from Cebu.

Check out Estrella Bakery at Aldea Business Center at corner J.S. Torralba and CPG Avenue. You may call them at 038-4161344.  They are open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM Daily. You may also like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/estrellabakerycafe/

Estrella Bakery earns a Kalami Cebu seal of approval for its fantastic pastry creations.

Our breakfast at Estrella Bakery was another stop in our Seas the Day Bohol Tour organized by Miss Hannah Dumaluan.  You may call her at 0918-313-2009 for a guided tour in Bohol. Special thanks as well to her cousin Lyza Ares who is also a member of the Cebu Blogging Community.


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