Kalami Cebu Monthly June 2016 Recap: A Month eaten by the Sony A6300

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June 2016 was a busy month for Kalami Cebu. I posted fewer blog posts compared to other months but most of my content were on my social media accounts.  The main culprit for less output in the blog would definitely be my new camera, the Sony A6300.  I bought a new camera to help in my blogging and it worked but breaking in my new cam was a bit detrimental to my blogging.

Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Cebu Food Blog, June 2016, Sony A6300, Selfie

The nicest thing about the A6300 is its video capabilities and it made me take a lot of videos last month.  It has been a while since I last edited some videos so producing one video normally takes hours for me. It was frustrating at times but eventually I got the hang of it. It has been a joy ride but I am still like a kid learning how to ride a bike.

Recently, I started shooting on 4k and sometimes 120 fps.  The A6300 shoots 4k videos and it can actually give some pretty cool slow motion clips. Most of my work are in my Kalami Cebu Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/kalamicebu/.  Please follow me if you want to see my latest short videos.

Kalami Cebu Highlights for June 2016

Here some of the highlights of the past month.  You can expect some blog posts about these "recent" events to be posted in the coming days.
Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Cebu Food Blog, June 2016, Makan Ahooy, Cio's Street Food, Carlo Andrew Olano, Selfie

1. Food Trips - I got a lot of invites last month and I checked out many places like Degree 9 Coffee, Bad Boys Wingz, Akita, Ruby Rocks, Rico's Lechon, Camden and much more.

Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Cebu Food Blog, June 2016, Jewel Delgado, Carlo Andrew Olano, Bad Boys Wingz

2. Collaborations - Aside from my favorite videographer +Emjae Argallon of Emjae Fotos. I also collaborated with other Cebuano bloggers like +Marie Imperial and +Jewel Delgado.

Kalami Cebu, Food Blog, Cebu Food Blog, June 2016, Eraserheadfs, Ely Buendia

3. Manila Trip - I had an overnight stay in Manila courtesy of PLDT Home and Smart Bro. I was one of the lucky people who witnessed a reunion of the Eraserheads during the launch of the new logos of Smart and PLDT.

July is expected to be another busy month for events and invites.  In fact, I just went to 3 events today.  It is gonna be doubly hard for me because of my backlog.  I am committed to producing more posts this month and I am shifting my POV to a more personal one.  I hope that you will like the new format of Kalami Cebu that will roll out in the coming days.

Keep eating!!! ;)

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