Cafe Laguna 25th Anniversary Buffet for a Cause

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

Cafe Laguna has always been one of my favorite Filipino restaurants in Cebu.  When I dine at any of their restaurants, I know that it is going to be a feast.  Last year, I was in their 24th-anniversary buffet and I definitely had a heavy dose of #happytummy. On September 28, 2016, Cebu's longest running Filipino restaurant will treat Cebuanos to a grand buffet for only Php 499.00 ++.

Cafe Laguna 25th Anniversary Buffet

The Anniversary Buffet will feature the specialties that Cebuanos have grown to love all these years.  Their legendary Fresh Lumpiang Ubod will be there along with Dinuguan with Puto, Puto  Bumbong, Kansi ng Negros, Lechon Belly, and much more.  This is definitely the buffet that will satisfy all your Filipino food cravings.  

The grand buffet is available at Cafe Laguna Ayala, Laguna Garden Cafe, Cafe Laguna, SM City Cebu, and Cafe Laguna SM Seaside Cebu on September 28, 2016.

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet, Menudo ni Lita

Buffet for Cause

“Cafe Laguna will always be about family and community. To give back to its community is always at the heart of our brands,” quips Cafe Laguna founder and Chairman “Kitchen Queen” Julita Urbina.

The 25th Anniversary Buffet is not just about giving Cebuanos the best Filipino buffet available but it is also about helping the community.  Part of the proceeds of the Cafe Laguna's Anniversary Buffet will be donated to 3 charity institutions that are close to the hearts of the members of the Urbina clan.

The Soup Kitchen for the Visayas is a Cebu-based non-profit organization working together with other charities to provide nutrition activities in chosen areas and immediate medical support in relief operations.

The Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DSAPI), a non-stock, non-profit organization, founded in 1991 aims to provide support to families who have a child with Down Syndrome. The organization is composed of dedicated and committed parents including physicians with missions to initiate, develop, promote, encourage and support programs and projects concerning Down Syndrome.

Cebu Caritas, for decades, credibly provides support to communities and persons in need missions that constantly adhere to the core values of Christianity.

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

#bentesingko, Julita Urbina, Cafe Laguna, Raki Urbina, Anniversary Buffet

3 Good Reasons to Eat at Cafe Laguna on their 25th Anniversary

  1. Selection - When it comes to Filipino food, the Laguna Group is definitely one of the best in the country. You are going to enjoy the food that you love while growing up done in the proper way.  No experiments needed as they mastered how a Filipino dish should be cooked and served.  Fusion cuisine might be popular nowadays, but if you want the real deal you better line up early tomorrow.
  2. Price - At 499 pesos, the buffet is definitely worth it.  The group does not do this often and if they do serve a buffet, it is guaranteed to give the best buffets in town a run for their money.  If Cafe Laguna does a buffet regularly, most likely, many buffet restaurants will close down.
  3. Charity Aspect - You will end up with a full stomach eating at Cafe Laguna's 25th-anniversary buffet but the #goodvibes will not stop there.  By availing the special buffet, you are also in a way feeding a lot of people.  The Soup Kitchen for the Visayas was the first charity that served delicious hot food to Yolanda victims according to Chef Raki Urbina.  Diners can help this organization along with the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines and Cebu Caritas.
I hope to see you there at Cafe Laguna tomorrow!


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