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We do not usually go to a hotel restaurant to check out the local cuisine. There are some exceptions and one of them would be the Bistro Amarillo of Hotel Salcedo de Vigan. Bistro Amarillo puts the Ilocano cuisine front and center.  I tried several of their dishes and I came out enlightened.

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I did not know that I was starving until I tasted...Vigan.  For a couple of years, I have been food blogging and my food adventures revolved around my lovely island of Cebu.  Yes! Cebu has a lot of awesome places but my recent trip to Vigan made realize that our country has so much to offer to foodies all around the world.

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I like drinking beer. San Mig Lite, Red Horse, and Pale Pilsen are the typical beers that I drink.  I have tried foreign brands and craft beers as well.  Recently, I was able to try the new beer line-up offered by Michel's Bistro and I would say that they have beers that any beer lover should try.

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A couple of months ago I have been raving about St. Mark Hotel's Rico's Lechon Buffet. I enjoy it so much because it was affordable and it featured many dishes that I loved eating growing up. My only beef was that the buffet was only available 3 times a week.  Well, my prayers have been answered as the hotel recently launched their Crispy Pata Buffet featuring Alejandro's Crispy Pata.  Last week, I brought my "Kalaminions" from the Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) to feast on  the latest All-You-Can-Eat Buffet sensation in Cebu.

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Cebuanos love deals.  Whether we are talking about food, clothing, gadgets and probably even mobile load. Well, Cherry Mobile – the leading local mobile phone brand partnered with the giant telco company, Globe Telecom to launch its very own prepaid service called as Cherry Prepaid and they have super amazing deals for Cebuanos.

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Earlier this month, I joined the Worldwide Photo Walk organized by Driftstories.Com. I am not really into street photography but I just joined the photo walk for the potential fun factor and the rewarding meal that was promised for those who complete it. Well, I had a great time and I would probably join more photo walks in the future.  My photos made me realize that I am really more into taking food photos than people photos but the best compromise are the pictures with food and people. 

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A couple of days ago, I was invited by Seafood City for the launch of their #PalutoAllYouCan and I was totally blown away with the dozens of ways that they can bring you to seafood heaven. If you love seafood like me, then this the ultimate all you can eat promo for you.

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I finally got to try the export version of my favorite local rum, Tanduay at Morals and Malice. I really like it and I am not surprised that world class Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue agreed to become its brand ambassador.

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An awesome month has just passed and it was a hectic month for my tummy.  September is my birth month. I expected it to be busy and it really was.   I actually had a hard time picking the 32 best food and drink items of the month.   Why 32? Well, Cebu has a phone area code of 032 making that number somehow significant to Cebuanos and to Kalami Cebu.