#AirAsiainSingapore and its Food Trip Possibilities!

Air Asia launches Cebu To Singapore Route

Last Thursday, I was with the cool guys and girls of Philippines Air Asia and they just informed us that starting November 25, they will be flying 4 times weekly from Cebu to Singapore.  Wow! Just wow because I have been salivating over the prospects of having a Singapore food trip for a long time. You can even start your Lion City food trip for as low as 888 pesos per way as Air Asia will take you there in their Red and White Airbus 320s.

#ScoreforSingapore Quiz Night #AirAsiainSingapore

We were Monkey Belly Bar for the #ScoreforSingapore Quiz Night organized by Air Asia. Up for grabs were roundtrip tickets for two to Singapore via Air Asia. The second prize would be trips to Manila and the bronze medallists would receive a Vikings All-You-Can-Eat Voucher.

I have never been to Singapore so I was not optimistic about my chances of winning.  I was just hoping to be lucky enough to have a well-travelled teammate. In comes fashion blogger Sophia Sanchez of http://www.iamsophiasanchez.com/.   Sophia was just in Singapore a few weeks back.  It somehow made me feel a bit confident.

Carlo Olano and Sophia SanchezKa Bino Guerrero, Chanel Imperial, Doyzkie

Cebu BloggersWinners

GMR Cebu GirlsMax Limpag and Company

There were 6 teams in the #ScoreforSingapore Quiz Night and all teams have 3 members except us.  We call our team "Marina Bae".   The competition was fun but very stiff.  After the first and second rounds, we were trailing two teams.  At the final round, we somehow got lucky and we leapfrogged one team to end up in second place. 

Score for Singapore Quiz Night Second placers

Winning a ticket to Singapore would have been great but Manila was an excellent consolation.  It was a lucky night for me as I also won an Air Asia A320 model plane with their Instagram contest.  I went home happy and filled with tons of trivia info about Singapore.  Which made me want to go to Singapore more!

Perhaps a Singapore food trip is in the offing. 

7 Dishes That I will Try in Singapore!

I used to have a favorite Singaporean hole-in-the-wall restaurant but it closed down.  Adrian of Culture Shiok introduced me his country's cuisine and I fell in love with the Singaporean cuisine ever since.  Too bad that the eatery closed down already but here are some of the dishes that I would love to eat should I go to Singapore:

1. Soya Sauce Chicken Rice - Well, Chicken Rice is Singapore's National dish and this particular stall earned a Michelin Star.   I would surely be willing to line up for hours to eat at my first ever Michelin Star restaurant.

2. Bak Kut Teh - This humble dish is their version of our Nilat-ang Baboy.  It is somehow a simple dish but Bak Kuh Teh is a comfort food to Singaporeans.

3. Laksa - This noodle in curry-like broth dish is intense. I would probably try this in the later part of the food trip because the coconut might give me an upset stomach. Flavor-wise though this a must try. 

4. Fried Carrot Cake - My Singaporean friends told  me that this is not the Carrot Cake that we find in cake shops here in Cebu.  I am pretty curious about this dish that I would definitely try it in a hawker  stall somewhere. 

5. Kaya Toast - I think a unique breakfast dish should be part of any food trip. If ever go to Singapore, this is on top of my Singaporean breakfast list.

6. Curry Fish Head - I want to check out at least one seafood dish in every food trip.  Singaporean Chili crabs would have been the default choice but I see a lot of restaurants serving it here. I would love to try the Curry Fish Head instead.

7. Satay - Barbecues are so popular in the Philippines.  I would definitely want some satay while doing a Singapore street food tour just for comparison.

Can you suggest other dishes for me to try in Singapore?

With more airlines offering flights to this wonderful Southeast Asian neighbor, I think more Cebuanos can go there now. Air Asia is even offering one-way tickets to Singapore for as low as 888 pesos.  That rate is even cheaper than some local destinations. I am pretty sure that I will be visiting my friends in Singapore very soon.  

Kalami Cebu for Air Asia

Who wants to go with me for the Kalaminions Great Singaporean Food Tour??? ;)

P.S. Air Asia just rolled out their latest seat sale and and you mauy get tickets for as low as 202 pesos from November 14 to November 20. Travel period is from May 2017 to February 2018. This promotion is available on airasia.com and the AirAsia mobile app.


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