Catching Up With the Cebu TeamBuilding Facilitator Network and the Mental Assassin at Brown Cup Talamban

Join The Body Language Workshop with The Mental Assassin in Cebu

I miss +Thaddeau II Engaling.  He was one of the best team building facilitators while he was still in Cebu.  He migrated to California earlier this year. I recently went to Brown Cup at Rose Dale Talamban to meet up with his buddies from the Cebu Team Building Facilitators Network and learn about what they are up to.  Well, they are bringing the "Mental Assasin" to Cebu for a Body Language Advantage workshop and I am going to attend it.

Enjoying Coffee and Food at Brown Cup

Brown Cup is a cafe near USC Talamban that is popular with students who are looking for a good place to cram or do some school work.  The nice thing about this cafe is that they serve some yummy hot food.  I had their pork chops and they are quite good especially for a cafe.  The place is also ideal for casual meetings with friends or classmates.

Brown Cup Pork Chops

Cold Caramel MacchiatoCake from Brown Cup at Rose Dale Talamban

Chat with Philip and Chris of Cebu TeamBuilding Facilitators Network

Philip TanChris Avila

Philip Tan and Chris Avila wanted to meet to tell me about the event that they are organizing on the 26th of this month.  The Cebu TeamBuilding Facilitators is bringing Justin Pinon aka Mental Assasin for a one-day Body Language Workshop.  The Mental Assassin is one of the country's top mentalists.  He has performed in several corporate events and has appeared in several TV shows.  He uses psychology and the power of observation to "read" people's minds.  He wants to share to Cebuanos some of the things he learned about body language and how to use it to your advantage.

I have trained people in sales before and one major factor in becoming a better salesperson is definitely the proper use of body language.  I really find a lot of practical benefits for people to join this workshop. 

5 Types of people who should join Mental Assassin's Body Language Advantage Workshop

1. Salespeople - The workshop can really improve your selling skills because it can teach you how to project themselves better in front of clients.  It will also teach you how to "read" your clients through their body language. If you can easily detect "buying signals" by watching microexpressions then you are on your way to becoming the next sales superstar.

People who are seeking "forever" - Maybe one of the reasons why your crush has not noticed you is because of your body language or facial expressions.  Maybe you come out fake or worse creepy in face to face interactions.  You can learn to be more attractive by tweaking your body language.

Students - Life is sales. Some people might not need help in attracting the opposite gender but they would need help in developing a good rapport with people in authority like teachers or future employers.  Being able to appear confident and competent would definitely help you with your grades or in nailing your job interviews.

Managers - A lot of people do not like their managers because they cannot connect with them.  Gen X and millennials normally clash but knowing the Body Language Advantage would probably minimize some problems.

Trainers - Many trainers only focus on spiels and the information that their trainees need to know. A lot of times the difference between success and failure is due to the delivery of the information.  With some knowledge of Body Language, trainers can effectively help their trainees in the proper execution of their tasks.

I really believe that this workshop can help many people.  I was so excited when I learned about this event from Philip and Chris.  I know a lot of friends who could greatly benefit by joining the Body Language Workshop. 

Now I see you, Bai: The Body Language Advantage with Justin Pinon aka Mental Assassin will be  held on November 26 at the J Center Mall Hyacinth Convention Hall.  It has 2 sessions, one for students in the morning and an afternoon session with professionals.  

Tickets start 400 pesos for students and 700 for professionals.  Call/Text 0916-200-0160 or 0942-295-22-66 for ticket inquiries.  

Buy your tickets now and take advantage of the Early Bird prices until November 18, 2016.   I will be there and I hope to see you all there!!!!

Now I See You, Bai!


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