Kalami Cebu's 50 Memorable Foods of October 2016

50 Memorable Foods of October

October was a busy month for my tongue and tummy as I tried a lot of yummy dishes.   I visited tons of new places and also reconnected with some old favorites. It was indeed a great gastronomic month as Kalami Cebu's version of Octoberfest involved restaurants from up north, the capital and of course, beloved Cebu.  Check out my 50 memorable foods of October:

Kalami Cebu's 50 Memorable Foods of October 2016

Calzone at Ryan's Pizzarelli

1. Calzone
I sometimes prefer Calzone over Pizza but at Ryan's Pizzarelli, you can have great choices for either. I even ate both the last time I was there.  Ryan's is one of my favorite "secret" food trip locations in Cebu.  It is located at Maria Christina Extension, Camputhaw, Cebu City.

Rock lobster at Isla Sugbu Seafood City

2. Rock Lobster
When it comes to seafood, you will never go wrong with Isla Sugbu Seafood City.  They have the Paluto-All-You-Can promo and my favorite is the controversial Rock Lobster.  It is a bit controversial because when I posted about their new promo, I received many complaints that this seafood is not served.  Well, it is usually the first one to be out of stock because it really tastes good.  I can probably finish a couple of plates filled with rock lobster in one sitting.

Oyters at the Paluto-All-You-Can

3. Oysters
There are a hundred ways to prepare oyster and I would probably like them all.  We call this talaba and I last had an awesome meal with this at Isla Sugbu as well.  I think they have around 6 excellent ways to cook an oyster. 

Akel's Halang Manok Soup at Parilya

4. Akel's Halang Manok Soup
I ordered this soup at Parilya because I got curious about its name.  We were totally surprised by how good the soup was.  It was full of flavor and has a really distinct "kick".  My wife and friends liked it so much.  This is one spicier alternative to the "boring" tinolang manok.

Lumpia ni Senyang

5. Lumpia ni Senyang
After a few years, I finally got to enjoy Lumpia ni Senyang near the Virgin of the Rule (Birhen sa Regla) Shrine in Mactan again.  It is one of the best cheap eats that you can find in Lapu-Lapu City. You will be stuffed while spending around 100 pesos for 2 people.

Orange Karenderia's Tuna Bagaybay

6. Tuna Bagaybay
Orange Karenderia has an amazing way of preparing tuna bagaybay (sperm, milt, male gonad). I would say that their bagaybay would be a perfect pairing to beer.  If you love offal or eating unusual part of animals, you should check out a nearby branch of Orange Karenderia. 

Queso Fundido by Meximama

7. Three Cheese Fondue (Queso Fundido)
Love cheese? Meximama's Queso Fundido will surely satisfy your cheese craving and they do it with a Mexican twist. I really enjoyed this one when I visited their Mactan Newtown branch.

Cafe Georg Cakes

8. Chocolate Cake
Cherry Mobile recently launched its prepaid service at Cafe Georg.   The cafe has one of the best dessert line-ups in the city.  We feasted on their cakes and I am pretty confident that you will never go wrong with any of their sweet offerings.  Check out this restaurant along Banilad road.

Carlo's Batchoy's Spicy Batchoy

9. Spicy Batchoy
When I was younger, Carlo's Batchoy has been a favorite of mine.  One of the reasons is that the place has my name and the other reason, is their delicious batchoy.  I visited their Capitol Site recently and I tried their spicy batchoy with some pan de sal.  It was a great idea for them to offer something different. I would probably get this again when I have acolds or a mean hangover.

Tazza Cafe breakfast

10. Longannisa Breakfast
When I decide to eat breakfast outside the house, I would usually go Tazza Cafe and Patisserie.  Their set meals are really good.  I had an amazing longganisa breakfast while being able to blog because they have an excellent WiFi connection.  I love this place for some early morning work.

Tamales by Sau Del Rosario

11. Tamales
I had a lunch buffet at Pino.  The season's theme is Kapampangan cuisine.   Chef Editha Singian and Sau del Rosario prepared their version of the best dishes of the country's culinary capital. They had a version of Tamales that was non-traditional and I liked it.  The buffet features Kapampangan favorites like Bringhe, Morcon, Buro, and Kare-Kare.

Duck Adobo at Pino Restaurant

12. Duck
Pino also gave us a special duck adobo and it was the bomb.  I loved it and I could have finished half a duck if there weren't other people eating with me.

Buro or Balao-Balao

 13. Buro
Buro is also known as balao-balao in Pampanga.  This dish is basically fermented rice and shrimp. It is a great partner to steamed vegetables like okra and ampalaya. The flavors are intense and I would love some buro ironically with some rice.  I tried this Kapampangan specialty at the Pino lunch buffet.

Seared Tuna by Isidra Comfort Cantina

14. Seared Tuna
Isidra Comfort Cantina has lots of mouth-watering offerings and one of them is their seared tuna. Please visit this restaurant at the Capitol Site area and be amazed by the creations of Chef Lor Torres.

Michel's Bistro Cerbeso

 15. Michel's Cerbeso
Beer is food! I tried the new Cerbeso line by Michel's Bistro and I am pretty happy with it.  The beer goes so well with the sausages that they serve. 

Strudel at Michel's Bistro

16. Strudel
Ice Cream goes so well with anything.  It really makes strudel much more enjoyable.  This is my go-to dessert at Michel's Bistro.  By the way, Michel's Bistro has 50% off on food from 2-5pm. Check them  out! 

Karubi Ramen at 168 Ramen House

17. Karubi Ramen
I went out with my wife and we ate at 168 Ramen  House at Crossroads Banilad.  I had the Karubi Ramen because I love beef. It was alright.  

Crispy Pork Intestines from Kusina Uno

18. Crispy intestines
Last month, I met up with +Nezte Virtudazo  and we have our monthly #kalamicebuadventure at Kusina Uno.  We tried their Crispy Intestines and it was good.  It reminded me a lot of Isaw which I ate almost every day when I was still a college freshman.  This preparation of pork intestines was really crunchy and goes well with vinegar with some chilis.

Kusina Uno's famous Pochero

 19. Pochero
When you eat at Kusina Uno, you have to get some Pochero.   It is really the best dish on rainy days or after a beer-drinking session.  Kusina Uno is located along F. Cabahug Street, Mandaue City. 

Roast Chicken with Brown Rice at Buzz Cafe

20. Roast Chicken with Brown Rice
If you decide to go for more "healthy" or nutritious food, I think one of the best restaurants here in Cebu would be Buzz Cafe at Robinsons Galleria Cebu. After eating there, I was reminded that the Department of Agriculture has a #Brown4Good Campaign and Buzz Cafe is one of the best places to start your brown rice journey.

June Fernandez, Spicy Squid, Circa 1900 Casa Dos

21. Spicy Squid
I had an event at Circa 1900 Casa Uno but I was a bit early so I decided to check out Casa Dos and maybe grab a drink. Suddenly, a familiar face came out of the kitchen. It was Chef June Fernandez formerly of Shangri-La and Scape Skydeck.  He offered me some spicy squid and this tapa offering was insanely good.  I always expect great things from a Cebu #Foodporn Star.

Circa 1900 New Menu

22. Duck Encased Scotch Egg
The long description of this dish is Scotch Style Quail Egg encased in Ground Duck and Chia Seed with Warm Duck Breast and Tomato Hoisin Chutney. It was as scrumptious as it sounded. This was served at Circa 1900 Casa Uno when they had an exclusive tasting of the new items in their menu.  Circa 1900 is located at Sanjercas Ville Extension Road, Lahug, Cebu City.

Osso Bucco in Peanut Sauce by Chef June Fernandez of Circa 1900

23. Osso Bucco Kare-Kare
Chef June was a bit modest but this dish was actually listed as Slow Curry Peanut Braised Beef Osso Bucco with Charred Cabbage and Vegetables. The familiar flavors of this dish makes this a favorite of mine. 

Alejandro's Crispy Pata at St. Mark Hotel

24. Crispy Pata
When it comes to Crispy Pata, the best in Cebu is undoubtedly Alejandro's Crispy Pata.  This crunchy pork dish is now the highlight of St. Mark Hotel's Lunch Buffet. If you love to eat as much crispy pata as you want then just go to the second floor of this hotel in the vicinity of Redemptorist Church.

Virginia Foods Skinless Longganisa

25. Skinless Longganisa by Virginia Foods
I was able to try the Longganisa by Virginia and it was perfect for breakfast.  I love Virginia Hotdog and now I love their longganisa too!  I have been a big fan of this Cebuano food company every since Typhoon Ruping when we had cans of Virginia beef that we eat almost every day.

Omelet fromYolk Cebu

26. Omelet
Another fantastic place for breakfast here in Cebu would be Yolk.  I went there last month and I had some omelet for brunch.  I even learned that this all-day breakfast joint in Mabolo has an all-you-can-eat brunch offering on certain days.  I might try it someday when I need a really BIG breakfast.

Bacon goodies by the Fry Guys of Tisa

27. Bacon Wrapped Dynamite Rolls
Here is a shout out to the Fry Guys.  I discovered another exciting place in the legendary Tisa area. Fry Guys serve some of the best bacon dishes in town. On my first visit, I was with the CBC gang we had a grand time eating bacon-wrapped chicken, bacon-wrapped dynamite rolls, katsudog and chicken skin. Visit them inside Anise Bistro in Tisa.

Adobong Kanding at Mon's Kandingan

28. Adobong Kanding
When it comes to goat, typically I would want it cooked as Caldereta but when I tasted the adobo at Mon's Kandingan in Lapu-Lapu City, I knew I found another instant favorite. The goat adobo was seasoned well and it reminds you of crispy tadyang. It was gamier than beef but I am pretty sure many Cebuanos would like it.

Tokyo Tempura All You Can Eat

29. Tempura
Tokyo Tempura opened at Parkmall and they serve unlimited shrimp tempura as well as other fired goodies like chili tempura. Good price. Too bad, they do not serve rice.

Phat Pho Vietnamese food

30. Pho and Goicon
In one of our weekly dates, my wife and I decided to eat at Phat Pho and enjoy some of their Vietnamese specialties. I always go with pho and some Vietnamese spring rolls. It is a bit pricey but there are very few alternatives here in Cebu when it comes to this cuisine.  Phat Pho is located at Crossroads Banilad and Robinsons Cybergate.

Assorted Cold Cuts from Hap Chang

31. Assorted Cold Cuts
Finally, I got to try the assorted cold cuts at Hap Chang. Hap Chang has been one of my top Chinese restaurants in Manila while I was still working at Volkswagen.  I was glad to see them at Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

Moroccan Braised Lamb Shank with Couscous by Cocina de la Casa

32.Moroccan Braised Lamb Shank with Couscous
Cocina de la Casa opened last month just behind Harold's Hotel.  I like their menu and their lamb over couscous was pretty awesome.   I loved the Harissa with it.  They serve Cebuano comfort and other dishes that was crafted by its well-travelled owner.

Magic by Cocina de la Casa

 33. Magic
They call this Magic and indeed, it was magical in my mouth. This dessert is made of French Chocolate, Custard, Banana, Mango, and Whipped Cream. Try this amazing dessert at Cocina de la Casa.  One of the best places to take a woman for desserts in Cebu. ;)

Pancit Palabok at Cafe Laguna

34. Pancit Palabok
When my mom visits Cebu, she always asks me to take her to Cafe Laguna.  One of my favorite snacks there would be the Pancit Palabok. I always loved this Pinoy noodle dish since I was a kid.  What is your favorite snack item in Cafe Laguna?

Poqui Poqui from Bistro Amarillo

 35. Poqui Poqui
I like the name but I like its flavor more.  This is one of the best vegetarian dishes that I have last month. It is different from the way we prepare ensaladang talong and I must say it is better.  I had this at Bistro Amarillo in Vigan.

Dirty Ice Cream in Vigan

 36. Dirty Ice Cream
I am glad to see Manong Sorbetero thriving in Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Dirty Ice cream is probably the 2nd best cold dessert in the country after the Halo-Halo. When was the last time you had these?

CJ's Ilocos Empanada

 37. Ilocos Empanada
When in Ilocos, the first thing that people recommend you to eat is definitely the empanada. I do not consider this as a snack (especially the big ones).  It is a meal on its own.  It has meat, papaya, and eggs inside. If I live in Vigan, I would probably eat empanada every day.

Sinanglao at Vigan Post Office

 38. Sinanglao
This is my soup discovery of the month.  The Sinanglao was so good that I have to put this on this list. I am not surprised why Ilocanos wake up so early just to have this.   This is definitely one of the best ways to start a day in Vigan.

Bagnet Sisig at Lilong and Lilang Restaurant

 39. Bagnet Sisig
I always enjoy eating crispy chunks of pork and bagnet sisig is no exception.  One of the best versions of the Bagnet Sisig that I tried was in Lilong and Lilang Restaurant at the Hidden Garden in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Pinakbet Pizza at Herencia

 40. Pinakbet Pizza
I was a bit skeptical when  I asked some friends about what to eat in Ilocos and somebody told me to have some Pinakbet Pizza. So, I went to the birthplace of the Pinakbet Pizza and tried it. It actually works.  Get the best Pinakbet Pizza at Herencia Restaurant just outside Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte.  It is the best vegetarian pizza that I ever tasted.

Choc Nut at XO46 Heritage Restaurant

41. Choc Nut
I am just happy to see some childhood favorites being served at a fancy restaurant.  I ate Choc Nut after a fine meal at X0 46 Heritage Restaurant, S Maison, Conrad Manila.  The restaurant is so Pinoy and I want to see more restos like this.

Pinabukadkad na PlaPla at Abe's

42. Pinabukadkad na Pla-Pla
It is an interesting fish dish.  The pla pla or giant tilapia was cut butterfly style then deep fried to perfection. It is served with mustard leaves and buro.  I had this at Abe's at the Mall of Asia.

Pampanga's Camaru at Cafe Adriatico

43. Kamaru
They say insects are rich in protein.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Kamaru or Mole Crickets at Cafe Adriatico and Abe's.  It tasted like well-seasoned peanuts.  You should try this one if you get the chance.  I am even planning to visit Pampanga for my next culinary adventure after enjoying many Kapampangan specialties in the past month.

Cocido at Salinas by Golden Cowrie

44. Cocido
I ordered Cocido when I ate at Salinas, a restaurant brand by the Golden Cowrie Group.  It is served as a deconstructed soup.  In one plate, you will have all your solid ingredients while a bowl of soup is served beside it. I really did not know how to eat it but each ingredient was awesome and the soup was hearty. You should not order this one alone.  One serving is massive.

Ribs at Blu Bar and Grill

45. Ribs
After recording a podcast last month, the Blogger Banters team went to Blu Bar and Grill at Marco Polo Cebu. We ordered some ribs and fish and chips.  The view was breathtaking unfortunately +Jullian Robin Sibi was not so impressed.  I should take my wife next time instead of the Blogger Banters dudes.  Follow our misadventures here: Blogger Banters.

Bacon for breakfast at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

 46. Bacon
Why did I include bacon here? Well, I stayed at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu and you can have as much bacon in their breakfast buffet. When I stay in a hotel, I usually look for bacon for breakfast and Marco Polo will definitely spoil bacon lovers like me. 

Lechon the centerpiece of a Cebuano feast

 47. Lechon
There is no Cebuano feast without lechon.  We ordered lechon from our favorite stall in Capitol for the 1st death anniversary of a dear aunt. As expected, it was "gone in 60 seconds".  Good thing we ordered two.

Carving Station at Vikings Cebu

48. Carvings
We went to Vikings for Steph's Birthday and I was reacquainted to my favorite of their buffet, the carving station. Steak, turkey, and lamb were there and I had a couple of servings. I must have been a Viking in my former life.

Exotic Filipino dishes at Vikings

49. Balut and Lungs
Another interesting find at Vikings was a station that featured balut and fried lungs. I always eat the offal offerings of upscale restaurants. It was sinfully good.

Bibingka at Mantalungon, Barili

50. Bibingka
To complete my nifty fifty of October is the bibingka in Matalungon, Barili.  Every time I go to the Southwest part of Cebu, I make sure that I buy some bibingka for the road trip.  Hot bibingka is the best snack while driving around this area!

Well, it was an overloaded October for me but I expect more in the coming months.  I consider December and January as the peak food months. Expect to see more delectable dishes in my monthly food recaps. See you next month!


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