Kalaminions #MeetEatRepeat: Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social

Seaside Saloon by The Social, SM Seaside City, Cebu

 The Social recently opened their newest restaurant concept in Cebu at the SM Seaside City.  The new place is called Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social.  Just like their concept in Ayala Center Cebu, the new restaurant is another hybrid coz it is diner/sports bar/ music bar.  It's all about fun at Seaside Saloon by The Social.  The Kalaminions were there to check to preview what they are offering to Cebu.

Bar area of Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social

  The Social always gives us that fun and hip vibe and the Seaside Saloon is no different.  The graffiti on the walls are painted by a popular Singaporean artist and the bar area has 4 TV screens showing the most popular sports events like NBA games, football, and even rugby.  This is a magnificent place for sports fans to hang out, chill, and cheer for their favorite teams over a bottle beer. 

Video Game arcade at the Seaside Saloon

Aside from the sports, this restaurant has a video game arcade area where you can play classic video games like Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong and other childhood favorites.  You get a free arcade token every time you order a drink. We had a blast playing games while we were there.

Food at Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social

The fun factor of the place is up there but the main reason that I that I would return here is definitely the food.  I have always been a big fan of Chef Rob Leonhardt and I know that this place will have good food. I was not wrong because my Kalaminions were really happy after our #meeteatrepeat session. Here are some of the dishes of the Seaside Saloon by The Social.

Beef TacosTuna Tacos

Hotdog Sandwich3 Little Pigs Pizza

Carlo Andrew Olano, Kalami Cebu, Blogger

The menu is filled with diner favorites like burgers, tacos, hotdogs, and pizza.  These items can easily  go well with milkshakes or beer and there are so many options for drinks here. The menu is well thought off and flavors are pretty spot on.  Chef Rob wants to highlight local ingredients in their menu and as much possible they use the finest local meat for their items like the burgers.  Kudos to them because they #supportlocal!

Main Course: Ribs

 For people who love to have something more filling, they have main dishes like ribs and salmon. The servings are big and good to share.



 To cap a fine meal, they also have delicious sweet options.  We tried the strudel and the churros and the Kalaminions were unaninous in praising the desserts at the Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill.

Keene Albert TanSeaside Saloon Kitchen Crew

Seaside Saloon Front of the HouseKalaminions with The Social Cebu management

The Kalaminions had a wonderful time and we would surely be back soon.  It was a good time to catch up with our buddies from Cebu Blogging Community like +Keene Tan and +Hoven Encontro.  Both are in blog hibernation mode but we hope to see them back in blogging scene very soon.  I really like them to be regulars here at Kalamionions #MeetEatRepeat.

Kalaminions at Seaside Saloon Bart and Grill by The Social

Other Kalaminions for the night were +Marie Imperial , +Rome Nicolas . +Ramzy Magbitang , and +Katherine Anne Cutar . We would like to thank the super awesome crew of the Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social led by Chef Rob. 

On a personal note, I really enjoyed the Cheeseburger and the Three Little Pigs Pizza.  Both dishes are highly recommended by this food blog. 

Seaside Saloon Bar and Grill by The Social is located at the Sky Park, SM Seaside City Cebu.

Kalaminions #MeetEatRepeat is a weekly feature here at Kalami Cebu that will highlight the best restaurant and dining options in Cebu or other islands in the Philippines.  It will also feature bloggers and foodies who are loyal "Kalaminions".  If you want your restaurant to be our next destination hit me up with an email at calolano911@gmail.com or send a PM on our Facebook pageFor those who want to be a Kalamion, please LIKE Kalami Cebu on Facebook and follow @kalamicebu at Instagram and PM me. 


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