Byron's Back Ribs Grille: Bacolod's Best Comes to Cebu

Cebuano's love grilled pork ribs.  I have tried several restaurants who tried to claim to be Cebu's King of Ribs and yes, they are many. Here comes another challenger!  From the island of Negros comes Bacolod's Best Byron's Back Ribs Grille. The ribs champion from the land of Masskara attempts to conquer the land of Sinulog.  I tried their ribs and I am pretty sure they can make local Rib Masters a bit uncomfortable.

For the Love of Pork Ribs

Grilled Ribs are basically an American staple and I think my first ever favorite ribs would be the one by Kenny Rogers.  Racks also became popular along with their signature sauce.  In Cebu, Casa Verde is practically synonymous to ribs. In the recent years, we saw the rise of contenders like Surfin' Ribs, Ribpublic, and more recently Lord of the Ribs and Urban  Crave.  Aside from these, there are countless of restaurants who make their own version of delicious barbecue pork ribs.

I can totally understand why people love it. Recently, I made a survey on what is the favorite part of lechon among Cebuanos and many say it's the ribs.  Pork ribs are really flavorful.  The bones store a lot of the juices and seasoning making people like me relish in treating those ribs as grown up lollipops.  If done properly, the meat on the ribs is the most succulent and tastiest.

There are a lot of ways to make tasty ribs.  Some use special barbecue sauces. Some have their secret rubs. Others use some fragrant wood. Indeed, there are a did a hundred or more ways to make awesome grilled back ribs.  The key though to a successful ribs place will be consistency, and value for money.

Byron's Back Ribs Grille Comes to Cebu

Byron's Back Ribs started as a small family business in 2004.  It was just small barbecue stall selling barbecue ribs in Bacolod.  The venture by the Diola family has grown as their grilled back ribs became the favorite among foodies and tourists in Bacolod City.

Robinsons Galleria Cebu saw their potential and they invited Bacolod's Best to open a branch in Cebu.  Robinsons is known to feature the best regional food brands in their malls.  At Robinson's Galleria Cebu you can eat at Dumaguete's San Rival, Bohol's Bee Farm or Bacolod's Chicken Deli.  This time, they are giving Byron's Back Ribs Grille an opportunity to wow Cebuanos with their grilled specialties.

Byron's Back Ribs Grille Menu

The menu here is not too extensive.  They stick to their specialties and they are pretty good at what they offer.  Here are the dishes available at Byron's Back Ribs Cebu:

Backs Ribs ( a la carte 140/ with rice 150)

Half Slab of Back Ribs

Whole Slab of Back Ribs

Sisig (Php 128)

Spare Ribs ( a la carte 150/ with rice 158)

Grilled Chicken (Php 88)

3 Pieces Pork BBQ ( a la carte 150/ with rice 158)

Grilled Sizzling Boneless Bangus

Family Platter

Kalami Cebu Restaurant Review: Byron's Back Ribs Grille

I really find their ribs very delicious. It has succulent meat and the sauce is a perfect blend of sweetness, sourness, and saltiness that enhances the flavor of the freshly grilled meat. Serving sizes are more than adequate and the prices are just perfect.

For big groups, I really recommend the family platter.  We had a hard time finishing the half slab, I believe a whole slab will definitely feed a lot of hungry men.  I am going to have one on our Noche Buena. Check out my review on that one in a post soon.

When I first ate there I was with some friends and I can see it in their faces that they are really had a wonderful time at Byron's Back Ribs Grille.  It was unanimous that this place can really provide a #happytummy at a price that does not hurt the wallet.  It is truly worth it and I would definitely come back here.  The trifecta of having fantastic ribs served in gigantic proportions sold at an affordable price earns Byron's Back Ribs Grille Cebu a Kalami Cebu Seal of Approval .

Byron's Back Ribs Grilled is at the 2nd Floor Verandah of Robinsons Galleria Cebu. You may call them at 0943-2131186.

Have you tried eating here?  Share your thoughts on the comment box.


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