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Even if I am not Chinese, I can always feel the Chinese influence in our country especially here in Cebu.  This influence is so strong in me that I love watching dragon and lion dances, and the fireworks.  I even eat tikoy and wear red during Chinese New Year.  I also read my Chinese horoscope.  I am definitely not Chinese but I love celebrating the Lunar New Year with them.  This year, I will be celebrating the start of the Year of the Rooster at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.  I recently previewed the Chinese New Year Menu at the hotel's Tin Gow Palace that featured Yee Sang or Prosperity Toss and I learned something that might just make me luckier in 2017.

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Before the year ended, I was able to check out Sugbo Mercado at the SRP with some of my blogger friends. We enjoyed some egg waffles from Eggcloud by SG and I also got to taste the Pinacoolada.  Sugbo Mercado SRP is definitely a food destination that my friends from the southern part of Metro Cebu should check out.