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A year ago I have been introduced to a different kind of social media animals called Youtubers or Vloggers. I have been blogging for quite a while but I rarely encountered Youtubers in Cebu in events that I have attended.  Thanks to ABS-CBN's Chicken Pork Adobo (now Adobers Studios), I have met some of the best Youtubers in the region.  One of the best is definitely Jomie Hospital of Gingoog. He relocated to Cebu recently and I am one first people who shared a meal with the newest Cebu-based YouTube sensation.
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I always received inquiries from friends and strangers about where to take their wife or girlfriend for their anniversaries and special occasions.  I have my usual recommendations.  Recently, I added L'Artisan French Mediterranean Cuisine on this list.  This new restaurant at the Oakridge Business Park in Mandaue has the food, ambiance, and service that will be perfect for romantic dates or intimate business meetings.
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It has been almost a month and my memories of my trip to Surigao City is still as vivid as ever thanks of course to the power of YouTube.  Looking back, I could say that it was an amazing start of Summer 2017 for me. I was only there for 3 days but it was filled with fun activities that it was worth the over 64GBs of videos that I took.  This is a recap of the Day 1 of the Suroy sa Surigao Tour.

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One of my biggest frustrations as a child was not learning how to play a musical instrument.  I never had a chance to have lessons until recently when I got an invite to Uke Hub Kafe.  I spent a whole afternoon there painting and learning how to play the ukulele while eating and drinking the cafe's specialties.  Uke Hub Kafe is definitely one of my favorite cafes in Cebu.
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It has been a while since the #Hibsters leads had a get-together .  We finally found a good reason to meet up when Jullian Sibi's family moved in to their new house in Guadalupe. I also wanted to celebrate  landing a new job.  Here is what we did in our latest Kalaminions #MeetEatRepeat session.
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One of my favorite food trip buddies is Nezte Virtudazo.  We have been to countless of food trips in the past couple of years and recently we checked out BatchoyHouse328 and tried out their batchoy with bone marrow and also their halo-halo.
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A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be one of the travel bloggers and writers to be invited to visit Surigao City.  To be honest,  I do not know much about this city in Mindanao.  In fact, it was my first time to visit Mindanao.  Well, after three days, I found out that I have been missing a lot all these years.  I "tasted" Surigao and I would love to go back there very soon.  Here are some of the best dishes that I have tried during the Suroy Surigao Tour:
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I have been doing reviews at Zomato.Com in the past year.  I was surprised that last week I became the top reviewer for Cebu on this restaurant review app.  Kalami Cebu has been active at Zomato and for me, this app is very helpful in helping you find out the best places to eat here in Cebu, in Manila and other key cities in the world.  I hope you download the app and check it out.