Kalami Cebu is Currently the Top Reviewer in Zomato for Cebu

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I have been doing reviews at Zomato.Com in the past year.  I was surprised that last week I became the top reviewer for Cebu on this restaurant review app.  Kalami Cebu has been active at Zomato and for me, this app is very helpful in helping you find out the best places to eat here in Cebu, in Manila and other key cities in the world.  I hope you download the app and check it out.

Why Download Zomato?

Zomato is defined as a restaurant search and discovery service.  It helps people find the best restaurants nearby.  In Cebu, it has listed most of the restaurants with their numbers, locations, and other details.  If you are a foodie or food blogger, this app will really help you locate old and new food establishments.

Once you have the Zomato app on your phones, you can now put your own restaurant ratings and reviews.  The more reviews you make, the better your reputation on the app will be.   Your ratings are collected to help others decide where to eat on their next dining adventure.

How Can Zomato Help Restaurants?

The app is not only for diners.  Zomato can help food entrepreneurs several ways.

First, the app will help to raise awareness about a restaurant's existence.  It is a directory and businesses should make sure that they are in every relevant directory.  If you own a restaurant, you have to be in Zomato. 

The second way that Zomato can help is in the promotion.  Zomato collates lists like they make a listicle on what is newly opened. Many members would like to check out what are the best new places and if you are on the list then there is a big chance that people will check your place out.  There are many members who are from out of town and when they land in a new city, they would check Zomato for dining suggestions.  Zomato also works with bloggers who can help promote your establishment and food.

Third, Zomato helps in customer feedback.  The app allows reviews and comments which are essential for restaurant owners who seek to improve what they offer. 

These are just 3 benefits for restaurants and there could better reasons to list your business with Zomato.

Zomato, Zomato Cebu, Zomato Review, Top Reviewer in Zomato Cebu, Cebu Top Food Blog, Kalami Cebu, Cebu Food Blogger, kalami cebu

Kalami Cebu as Top Reviewer for Cebu

Well, I started doing reviews at Zomato just for fun.  I eat out a lot and I usually take a lot of time before I publish a blog post.  As one of my short cuts, I write a review in Zomato. It is also one way for me to be reminded of my recent dining experience in a restaurant.

I also make reviews to help out the industry that has been so good to me.  I have met a lot of people with the local restaurant industry and had tons of free food.  Making a Zomato review is way paying them back with their generosity.  I would also love to encourage more people to patronize the industry.

The food and beverage industry has provided a lot of jobs to people and it is an integral part of a successful tourism program.  I really hope that Cebu's restaurant scene will continue to vibrant and I really want to encourage more people to do reviews in sites like Zomato, TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook.  A little review and feedback could really go a long long way in helping people in the industry.


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