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Late Night Chill at The Pyramid

The Pyramid Cebu has been a big hit among Cebuanos.  It is one of the best-looking restaurants probably in the entire country. Add to that is that the restaurant is actually serving affordable food that is perfect for locals and tourists.  Recently, they launched their "Late Night Chill at The Pyramid" promo and Kalami Cebu would definitely recommend it. The Pyramid was positioning themselves as a go-to place to wine and dine.  Well, the place is really popular among millennials and this age group still love beer over other kinds of alcoholic beverages. The proactive management of the restaurant launched Late Night Chill at The Pyramid where people can buy a bucket of beer for only 199 pesos starting 11 PM daily. 3 Good Reasons to Have a Late Night Chill at The Pyramid Cebu Price At 199 pesos a set, they are basically selling a bottle of beer for roughly 40 pesos which is a bargain considering that you are having a drinking session at one of the trendi

Soho Park's Pork Chop

Pork Chop!  In the past couple of months, I have seen many restaurants in Cebu that offer their own version of pork chops.  One great example is "Fat Bastard" over at The Weekend.  I recently visited the newly-opened Soho Park by Chef Robert Leonhardt and got to try his Pork Chop with Israeli Couscous, and Mediterranean Vegetables and black olives.  It was pretty good and I am very excited to try the other dishes at this restaurant. Soho Park's Pork Chop with Israeli Couscous, and Mediterranean Vegetables and black olives The dish has basically 2 elements, the Pork Chop, and the siding.  The chop is from local pork and it weighs 300 grams a serving. The siding comes with lots of delicious veggies and sauces. An order costs 550 pesos and it will surely satisfy any hungry man. The pork chop is first vacuum-packed with some spices and aromatics then goes to a hot water bath for a couple of minutes.  It then goes on the flat grill for finishing.  It

Best Things To Eat in Dumanjug, Cebu

A few weeks ago, I asked the candidates of Binibining Cebu 2017 about what is delicious in their place.  Some were really confident with their answers that it made me want to go to their towns and check it out myself.  Last week, I got the chance to visit Dumanjug and try out Bisnok and a new local favorite called Cho'la.  So, here's a humble post about the best things to eat in Dumanjug, Cebu.

Binibining Cebu 2017: Kalami Cebu Food Trip Suggestions

The Bb. Sugbu Charity Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with Sacred Heart School for Boys Batch 1985 formally launched the highly anticipated pageant, Binibining Cebu.  This pageant pits 54 lovely Cebuanas representing the 53 towns and cities of Cebu with Cebu City getting 2 representatives.  Binibining Cebu seeks to find an ambassadress who exemplifies today's modern Cebuana, and in the process promote the beauty, heritage, culture, and commerce of the towns and cities of Cebu. 

Lechon War: Lechon Blind Taste Test at D+B Wine Shop

When I have friends and relatives from out of town who come to Cebu, they usually ask me where to eat the best lechon.  I have my personal favorites but there are just so many good lechoneros in Cebu.  Dondi and Corinne Joseph of D+B Wines had a couple of visitors from Manila and instead of just taking them to their favorite lechon place, they decided to give them some choices.  Actually, a lot of choices.  They invited some other friends to a lechon and wine dinner and this is what happened.