Binibining Cebu 2017: Kalami Cebu Food Trip Suggestions

The Bb. Sugbu Charity Foundation, Inc. in cooperation with Sacred Heart School for Boys Batch 1985 formally launched the highly anticipated pageant, Binibining Cebu.  This pageant pits 54 lovely Cebuanas representing the 53 towns and cities of Cebu with Cebu City getting 2 representatives.  Binibining Cebu seeks to find an ambassadress who exemplifies today's modern Cebuana, and in the process promote the beauty, heritage, culture, and commerce of the towns and cities of Cebu.

Binibining Cebu: Cebu's Biggest and Grandest Beauty Pageant

I was fortunate enough to be one of the few bloggers invited to the Press launch of Binibining Cebu. I expect this pageant to be very competitive as the ladies do not just try to win for themselves but they also have to represent a town or city.  The first ever Binibining Cebu will get a crown and at least 1 Million worth of prizes (Php 500,000 in Cash, 300,000 in the form gift cheques, and 200,000 cash for the town/city).  I do not think there is a local pageant that can match the amount prizes to be given away in this beauty contest.

Aside from the grand coronation night that will be held on October 28, 2017, at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu City, the organizers lined up several side events like the Philippine Terno Competition to held in Argao, the Swimsuit Gala Dinner, Evening Gown Competition and Pageant interview. Hopefully, I will be able to cover some of these events so that I can provide you some behind the scenes videos.

Kalami Cebu Q and A

I got the chance to get close to the candidates during the pictorials.  I decided to a mini-question and answer segment with the beautiful ladies of Binibining Cebu 2017 and I asked them to answer the question "What is delicious in their place?".  Check out the answers in the video above.

I was really surprised with some of the answers.  It made me want to do a food trip featuring the different food specialties of the 44 towns and 9 cities of the island.  Here are the top 12 places that I would love to check out after getting the answers from Bininbing Cebu 2017 candidates:

12. Pinamungajan - Bangus
I did not know that this town is the top producer of milkfish in the province.  I want to check how the folks of Pinamungajan cook this bony fish.  Maybe one reason why 3-Time PBA June Mar Fajardo became so tall is that he eats a lot of Bangus.

11. Dalaguete - Bibingka
There are so many places that make bibingka and I am very curios what makes the Dalaguete Bibingka different.  I read that they put latik on it and I would love to have some bibingka with latik.

10. San Fernando - Buko Pie
When I have a road trip to the Southern part of Cebu, I usually ignore the Buko pie vendors of San Fernando.  Since Ms. San Fernando Katie Sanders mentioned this as the delicious item of her town then maybe I should give it a try.
9. Cordova - Nilarang na Bakasi
Miss Cordova Kay Mendoza was so cute when she delivered her answer and I was actually surprised that her answer was spot on. I have eaten bakasi but I never tried it in Cordova.  Maybe it is time for me to go there and look for eel.

8. Dumanjog - Bisnok
I have tried this before.  St. Mark Hotel even features this pride of Dumanjug in one of their buffets. I want to go to the town and meet the people who make this delicious local chicken dish.

7. Danao - Kusahos
I recently tried this when the owner of Mojo Bistro Bar gave us a sample of Danao's kusahos.  It was addictive and I would want to see a silogan featuring this preserved carabao meat.  I would love to do a feature of this dish someday.

6. Balamban - Liempo
The liempo chain Balamban Liempo is inspired by the way pork is prepared in this town in the Western coast of Cebu.  I want to try to original liempo of Balamban and see why many people are raving that their liempo is better than lechon.

5. Toledo City - Puto Lancho
We have a lot of sticky rice delicacies in the province but it was my first time to hear Puto Lancho.  I did not even get it when the beautiful lass from Toledo answered my question.  This has to be in the top 5 because I never tried it.

4. Tudela - Cassava Cookies
Tudela is known for its balanghoy or cassava.  When Miss Tudela Shane Anne Jereza said cassava cookies, it really piqued my interest because I never had one in my entire life.  Her answer gave me another good reason why I should go to Camotes Island soon.

3. Ronda - Humba
I grew up eating Humba and this braised pork dish is among my favorites.  I did not know that there is a town that has this as their signature dish.  I want to check the date of the fiesta of this town and do some humba-hunting.

2. Borbon - Takyong
A few weeks ago, I enjoyed some escargot or snails at L'Artisan French and Mediterranean Restaurant .  Well, Borbon has a snail called Takyong and the people here love to eat it.  There were many contests held before to find out the best ways to prepare takyong.  Oh, how I wish to try this soon.

1. Bantayan - Tago Angkan
I was in Bantayan a few weekends ago and if I only knew about tago angkan then, I would have looked for this unique food instead of eating some burritos. At least Miss Bantayan Maria Gigante gave me a good excuse to visit her town soon.

These are just the 12 delicious local delicacies that made me curious as I have tasted lechon, torta, budbud, pintos, rosquillos, danggit, buwad, ginamos, and many others.  This just shows that Cebu has a lot to offer when it comes to food and it is Kalami Cebu indeed!

Share to us favorite candidates of Bibining Cebu 2017 by making a comment here. ;)


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