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#TheSustainableDiner Series: Why do we need to Eat Local Food and Promote it in Social Media?

After joining #TheSustainableDiner forum organized by WWF-Philippines, I concluded one of the best ways to help their project is to promote local food and slow food on my blog and vlog.  I have always been a fan of local delicacies since I grew up in the province during the time when fast food was not yet popular.  I am actually a bit sad that many local food bloggers mostly write about fancy stuff and trendy restaurants.   In some ways, I was guilty of the same practice. I realized that it is time for some changes in my blog and I think one of the biggest causes that I will support will be promoting local food.  5 Good Reasons to Promote Local Food It is beneficial to the economy The people selling local delicacies like balut get eggs from local farmers.  Their children go to local schools.  Their money is spent mostly in the community.  The vendors buy cellphone load and even eat at local eateries or buy ingredients at the local market.  In economics, it is calle

Sulit Ba? 15-Peso Ice Cream vs. 100-Peso Gelato

If there is a YouTube or Facebook video series that I would like to watch, it would be Buzzfeed's Worth It.  It is so much fun watching Steven, Andrew, and Adam go to different restaurants trying out super expensive dishes then comparing it with a cheaper alternative.  My fellow content creators Glenn Abucay and Ramzy Magbitang are also big fans of the show.  One day, we decided to make our own version of Worth It and we call it Sulit Ba?  In this first episode, we checked out 3 different places that offer ice cream and we each picked which one is the most "sulit" or worth it among the three.

Go on the “Ultimate Foodventure” with CEFBEX 2017!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a new kind of adventure as Worldbex Services International – the country ’ s leading events management company – officially opened the doors to the 9 th Cebu Food and Beverages Expo ( CEFBEX )! Happening until October 15, from 10 am to 8 pm , CEFBEX 2017 offers FREE admissions for everyone.

#TheSustainableDiner Series: 5 Reasons Not To Do the Spicy Noodle Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I was one of the foodies invited by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines to be part of the Sustainable Dining Forum.  The aim of the forum was to raise awareness on mindful production and consumption of food.  I realized that as a consumer and a blogger, I can do my part in helping the program achieve its goals.  I am now writing a series of blog posts promoting #TheSustainableDiner program because I believe that it is a worthy cause to support.  For the first post of the series, I will give a few reasons why I will not do the Spicy Noodle Challenge and how it relates to the WWF-Philippines Sustainable Dining Program.

7 Kinds of Wines to Give This Christmas

The Christmas season is around the corner.  It means that the season of gift-giving is just a few weeks away.  Wines are pretty popular gifts to clients, bosses, and close friends.  It is always a good idea to give out wines because wines have a long shelf life and it is an amazing drink for the holidays.  So, here are my wine suggestions for this Christmas.