Sulit Ba? 15-Peso Ice Cream vs. 100-Peso Gelato

If there is a YouTube or Facebook video series that I would like to watch, it would be Buzzfeed's Worth It.  It is so much fun watching Steven, Andrew, and Adam go to different restaurants trying out super expensive dishes then comparing it with a cheaper alternative.  My fellow content creators Glenn Abucay and Ramzy Magbitang are also big fans of the show.  One day, we decided to make our own version of Worth It and we call it Sulit Ba?  In this first episode, we checked out 3 different places that offer ice cream and we each picked which one is the most "sulit" or worth it among the three.

Sulit Ba? Ice Cream Edition Contenders

Seven Eleven Fundae

We wanted to look for a roving dirty ice cream salesman or what we call a "sorbetero" but they are hard to find these days.  When I was a kid, my heart would leap when I hear the bell of the sorbetero.  We decided to find an alternative.

For the past couple of years, convenience stores are sprouting in our city.  I can practically find one convenience store every few blocks.  Stores like Seven Eleven and Mini Stop offer soft-serve ice cream for 15 pesos (30 cents) a cone.  It is a quick ice cream fix that has been a favorite of the younger generation.  I cannot blame them.  It is cheap, sweet, and the servings are enough to take you to sugar heaven.  It is definitely worth it.

Buzzz Ice Cream

I first tasted Buzzz Ice Cream a few years ago when we stayed in Panglao and we had dinner at Bohol Bee Farm. I like it a lot and I am pretty glad that Buzzz Cafe is now open in Cebu.   I am not surprised that Bohol's best ice cream has invaded the Queen of the South.

The Buzzz Ice Cream comes in pretty unique flavors that include Malunggay and Peanut Kisses.  The Ice Cream is sweetened with the honey from the bee farm and it is served in a "cab-cab" cone. Cab-cab is a crispy cassava delicacy that has been another favorite of my childhood while growing up in Bohol.  Buzzz Cafe is selling their ice cream at 60 pesos ($1.20) a scoop and it is one best that you can taste in Cebu.

La Vie Parisienne Gelato

A few weeks back, I was invited by La Vie Parisienne to check out their new gelato place. It was crazy back then as I feasted on different flavors of gelato including Balut.  They say they use real fruits to make their gelato which makes it more awesome.

At 100 ($2) pesos a serving, it is almost 7 times pricier than the convenience store soft-serve.  Their advantage is that they have 32 different flavors and you can even sample some if you like.  You could have the option of having 3 mini-scoops of different gelato flavors in one cone. For me, it is worth it at that price. It is a bit expensive but it is perfect when you are trying to impress a crush or a visiting friend.


Check out the video to see what are our choices.  It was not a unanimous decision and I do believe that each one is worth it but you have to watch the video to see which ice cream did I pick as the most sulit. 

How about you? Which one would you have picked?  Leave a comment and let me know.  You may also leave suggestions for our future episodes.  Thank you for watching!


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