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Bai Hotel Cebu: Salmon-All-You-Can at Marble + Grain Steakhouse

A couple of months ago, I was raving about the Steak-All-You-Can Promo at Bai Hotel Cebu's Marble + Grain Steakhouse .  This time, our friends from Bai Hotel invited me to the launch of their Salmon-All-You-Can promo.  I found the promo very timely especially it was the Lenten season but after trying it out with my friends, only the price says it was a promo since everything was spot on.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018 in Cebu

I am not Chinese but the possibility of having a Chinese ancestor is not really remote.  As Ka Bino Guerrero said, "if you shake a Cebuano's family tree hard enough, a Chinese will fall off!". We recently celebrated the Lunar New Year or more popularly known as Chinese New Year.   I consider myself fortunate as I was able to witness two grand Chinese New Year celebrations.   I went to Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for Chinese New Year's Eve and then to Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan for the New Year's Day feast.

Candiez Cafe Mandaue Full Review

Since the 90's, cafes have increased in numbers alongside the internet dependence of Filipinos.  The cafe phenomenon started with internet cafes, then early this century, big branded coffee shops like Starbuck's started to dominate the local scene. Now, cafes are known for "expensive" coffee and calorie-rich offerings. I rarely have a decent meal at a cafe and that is where Candiez Cafe is different.