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The Favorite Snacks of Filipinos According to the Beach and the Plastic Pollution Problem

We recently celebrated Earth Day.  I have seen many people posting about ending plastic pollution and maybe, on that day many people refuse to use plastic.  As for my contribution on this topic, I would like to share my experience the last time I went to the beach.  As a food blogger, I discovered the favorite snacks of Filipinos or let say Cebuanos by picking up plastic trash at the beach.

Best Restaurants in Cebu: The Weekend

One of the first ever favorite restaurants of Kalami Cebu was Carnivore in The Gallery, Mabolo .  I was so impressed with the Cebuano chefs who managed it because they were not afraid to innovate and use some advanced cooking methods.  Too bad, they closed down already.  I really missed the meat dishes of Kurt Famador and company.  I was hoping to see more Cebuano culinary talents to step up their game and compete with the "big boys" of the local restaurant scene.  Then, The Weekend happened!  As #TheWeekendPH turns 1, I do believe that Chef Jan Rodriguez took the cudgels of becoming the benchmark of an excellent local restaurant.

#MakeItSafePH : End Cyberbullying and Hate Language

A few days ago,  I was asked to write something related to Globe Telecom's #MakeitSafePH campaign.  I mindfully said "Yes", because I agreed with the premise that we need to make the internet safe.  I was just supposed to write the article on my other blog but then an incident happened recently that gave me an urgency to support this campaign not only through words but also on video.  Content creators are exposed to hateful language daily and it is time to make a stand.

Boy Zugba Opens First Cebu Branch

For locals, nothing beats good Filipino food. No wonder some of the most successful restaurants in the country have Filipino dishes on their menu.  After years of success in Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City, Boy Zugba comes to Cebu to give Cebuanos a chance to taste their version of "Kusina Bisaya".  

Macao Imperial Tea Opens in SM Seaside City Cebu

kala In the past year, there have been many Milk Tea and Coffee Shop places/stalls that opened in Cebu.  It comes from all around the world.  Beverage brands from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Sri Lanka have invaded Cebu.  This weekend a Tea brand from Macao has opened in SM Seaside City Cebu.  Macao Imperial Tea has a lot of interesting offerings that can surely quench the Cebuanos' thirst for sweet drinks.

Tongro Korean BBQ: The Best Barbecue Place in Mactan

Barbecue has always been a Pinoy favorite.  I grew up eating at the old Larsian in the Fuente Osmena area. I am a big fan of Ric's Barbecue in Ramos before as well as Matias BBQ and Junjun and Malou's in Mandaue.  My barbecue adventures though never reached Mactan Island until recently when I discovered Tongro Korean BBQ.