My Top 7 Dishes at Slate District!

The Gamhanan Gang Vloggers led by Jomie Hospital at Slate District

Slate District in Parkmall is turning one and I decided to make a rundown of my favorite dishes here.   This restaurant started by a couple who owns a chain of sisig stalls has become one of the best restaurants in the Parkmall-City Times Square area.

Slate District Turns One

I met owners Shane and Jackie Lua around late 2016 when they asked me to feature their Sisig Sarap brand.   Sisig Sarap has been doing well in places like Robinsons Fuente and this brand has even reached Mindanao.  Last year, they decided to open a restaurant that serves comfort food from around the world served on a slate.

Despite the heavy competition in the area, Slate District did very well that they even manage to expand their restaurant. Among my early favorites at this restaurant were their Pork Steak, Baby-back ribs and as of course, their Pork Sisir Sarap.  

When I got to eat there recently, I was amazed at the new items on the menu and I was very happy that they are doing well.  Now, I am going to list down my Top 7 dishes here.

Top 7 Dishes at Slate District

No.7 Pasta Al Tartufo

Slate District's Pasta Al Tartufo

Slate District really specializes in meat dishes but they also offer pasta dishes like the Pasta Al Tartufo which is just perfect for people who like to have a light meal.   It is hard to resist al dente pasta with some creamy mushroom sauce.

No.6 Cheese District Burger

Slate District also serves burgers

This is the restaurant's signature burger.  It has mozzarella sticks on it which makes it so cheesy.  I also like its serving portion.

No.5 Barbecue Skewered District

4 kinds of skewers, chicken satay, pork yakiton, beef tapa, Hungarian sausage

At 540 pesos, this is one of the most expensive items on Slate District's menu but this is perfect to share with friends.  It has 4 kinds of skewers inspired by the travels of the owners all around the world.  It has a chicken satay, pork yakiton, Hungarian sausage, and beef tapa.

No.4 Jack Slate Truffle Chicken

Slate district's chicken wing options

If you love chicken wings then you will enjoy the Jack Slate Truffle Chicken. This well-presented wing dish is an Instagram #happytummy and #foodstagram favorite.  I am so sure that you cannot resist taking a photo of this dish.  It doesn't only look good but it tastes really good.

No.3 Slate Seafood Platter

Slate District Seafood Platter

Finally, Slate District has seafood dishes! The Slate Seafood platter is perfect for non-red meat lovers.  It has scallops, Shrimp Thermidor, and fish.  It's an awesome dish for people like Glenn Abucay, a pescatarian.

No.2 Grilled Pork Belrizo

Another favorite at Slate District, Grilled Pork Belrizo

When it comes to grilled items, two of my favorites are pork belly and chorizo and Slate District is combining these in one dish and they call it Belrizo. I could not resist this 2 in 1 combo.  The presentation is awesome and the taste? Even better!

No.1 Grilled Baby-Back Ribs

Slate district's Humongous Grilled Baby Back Ribs

I picked this as my number one dish here because of its sheer size and the price that I am paying for this.  It's a humongous serving of Grilled Baby-Back Ribs with java rice and it is priced below 200 pesos. 

Amazing Anniversary Promo at Slate District

99-peso anniversary promo at Slate District

Since they are celebrating their first anniversary, the owners decided to have a promo every Thursday of May.  Every Thursday, they will be selling their Grilled Baby Back Ribs, Pork Steak and Pork Sisig Sarap at only 99 pesos for the first 50 customers.

Satisfied customers at Slate District Cebu

So, if you have time for lunch on a Thursday this month then you have to do is go to Parkmall Alfresco area and go to Slate District to avail of the amazing deal.  I hope to see you there!!!


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