Yello Cube Food Hub: Buldak Station

kalamKalami Cebu at Yello Cube Food Hub

Food markets have been popping up around Cebu lately and one of the newest is the Yello Cube Food Hub in Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City.  I was there on their first day and I got to try food from the first 7 food stalls that have opened there.  Every stall has a good potential to succeed so I am making a feature to one of them every time I visit the new food hub.  Today, I put the spotlight on Buldak Station.

Yello Cube Food Hub Opens

Soft Opening of Yello Cube Food Hub

On August 8, 2018, Yello Cube Food Hub opened its door to Cebuanos.  For its first day, seven food stalls opened featuring a wide variety of cuisine.  There was a stall that sold smoked meat.  Another one had stir-fry specialties while a couple featured SouthEast Asian cuisine. Despite having only 7 stalls, the food choices were many.

Having dinner at Yello Cube Food Hub

Yello Cube Food Hub, Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City

If you are wondering where is this located.  Yello Cube is in Wilson Street just a few meters after the old Pino restaurant.  A year ago, this property was the parking lot for Pino diners. Parking is a bit limited but they have mechanized valet parking and if you are early you can also park on Wilson Street.

Buldak Station at Yello Cube Food Hub

Buldak Station at Yello Cube Food Hub
Buldak is a Korean word meaning "fire chicken".  In its original version, it is a heavily spiced barbecue chicken dish. At Buldak station, you can get a spicy fried chicken wing topped with cheese. It is actually one of the many sauces that they put on their chicken wings.  

Cheesy Buldak from Buldak Station
I really enjoyed eating their buldak.  It was cheesy and the chicken was seasoned well. It was like a deconstructed pizza without the bread. They also sell a cheesy ribs version of the dish.

The Lamaw of Buldak Station

Aside from the chicken, I also got to taste Buldak Station's Lamaw and Cheesy Baconsilog.  Lamaw is a cheap rice topping dish popular in Guadalupe, Cebu.  Their version here had rice drizzled with the special lamaw sauce then topped with boiled egg and crushed chicharon.  You can also add some siomai with your lamaw.

Cheesy Baconsilog, another favorite from Buldak Station

The cheesy baconsilog is made of fried rice topped with deep-fried thinly sliced bacon, fried egg, and cheese sauce. For only 75 pesos, it is a quick and affordable fix for your hunger.

Buldak Station also serves ngohiong and sisig. It is a food stall that offers some of affordable and easy to love dishes.  My first visit here was fun and I am pretty sure that I will soon be back here for more.

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