Oyster Food Trip at Charcoal Boy Escario

Oyster Mukbang by Kalami Cebu at Charcoal Boy Escario

Some people say that one of the most effective aphrodisiacs would be oysters.  If it is true then I can show you a restaurant that you should go to have an amazing oyster food trip at an affordable price.  Charcoal Boy has been thriving in Cebu in the past 2 years with their oysters and grilled food.  They recently opened Charcoal Boy Escario and I had my fill of their delicious oysters from Ilo-Ilo.

The Great Charcoal Boy Oyster Food Trip

I was recently invited at Charcoal Boy Escario for their grand opening.  It was a day after Valentine's Day and I guess it was a perfect day for some oysters.  I have been a big fan of Charcoal Boy since early last year when my wife and I bumped into their main branch at Mahogany Place.  I knew that I would have a great time at the opening of their new branch.  So, let us meet the oysters.

Steamed Oysters - 105 pesos ($2.10) per Serving

Steamed Oysters at Charcoal Boy
 I started my Oyster food trip with some steamed Oysters.  The owners said that this is one of their top sellers. I am not surprised since it is priced 105 pesos only.  While eating raw or "naked" might be the ultimate oyster experience, steamed comes a close second and I think it is a safer way to enjoy the unadulterated flavor of this bivalve mollusk.

I finished more than 5 steamed oysters over the course of my lunch.  I still taste the juices that taste like the sea.  The oysters at Charcoal boy are really fresh and the kitchen knows how to expertly handle the seashell.  The oysters come from the neighboring island of Ilo-ilo where I heard that the going price for these is less than 200 pesos a sack. :)

Baked Cheese and Garlic - 145 pesos ($2.90) for an 8-piece Serving

Baked Cheese and Garlic at 145 pesos at Charcoal Boy Escario
 A lot of my friends who were there loved this variant.  This is my wife's favorite too. Well, I am not surprised since many things in this world become way better after putting some cheese on it.  Apparently, cheese and garlic work like magic for oysters.  I am still biased to having fewer toppings but I would not argue against my wife. I would definitely order this the next time I visit the new branch with the love of my life.

Baked Hot Chili Oyster - 138 Pesos

Baked Hot Chili Oysters is a great aphrodisiac
 For people who love their oyster spicy, they should get the Baked Hot Chili Oysters.  The spiciness just explodes in the palate which for me adds to the "sex appeal" of oysters.  The capsaicin in chilis will make you feel hot while dopamine in oysters will increase desire.  In fact, Cosmo listed these 2 in their Top 23 aphrodisiacs.  Probably this is not a good item if you are single and alone.

Oyster Kinilaw - 165 pesos ($3.30)

Fresh Oyster Kinilaw is served at Charcoal Boy Escario
 Kinilaw is a Cebuano thing where we take raw meat (usually fish) and bathe it in vinegar, onions, and chili.  Well, I actually find it refreshing that Charcoal Boy has Oyster Kinilaw and I could say that they executed it marvelously.  You really need fresh oysters to offer such dish and it is a sign of confidence of the freshness of their raw materials that the owners offer Oyster Kinilaw in their restaurants.

Sizzling Oysters - 155 pesos ($3.10)

Charcoal Boy's Sizzling Oysters
 Fragrant, sweet, and spicy. I would not mind eating oysters without rice except with the Sizzling Oysters.  This dish would just make me want to order rice.  It is delicious and I like putting the reduced sauce on my rice.  I won't recommend this dish to my friends who are into Keto diet because it will make them miss rice more.

Other Variants - Oyster Rockefeller (165 Pesos) and Crispy Fried Oyster (155 Pesos)

An Oyster Sampler Platter would be perfect for all Oyster fans.
If you prefer the oyster with creamy sauce then get the Oyster Rockefeller while the Crispy Fried Oyster is for those who want the oysters well-cooked with a crispy coating. 

Charcoal Boy actually showed a sampler platter that is yet to be released and I think it would be a great idea.  This kind of platter gives you variety that makes you appreciate more what this budding restaurant chain is doing.

Other Good Stuff at Charcoal Boy

Charcoal Boy Escario Menu circa February 2019
 The menu is actually extensive.  I do not think they will call themselves Charcoal Boy without a good line-up of grilled dishes.  They actually offer chicken barbecue, Pork Belly Barbecue, Liempo, Tanigue, Bangus, and Stuffed Squid.  The a la carte menu also includes Filipino favorites like Sinigang, Crispy Pata, and Pancit Canton.  Prices are really reasonable but for me, the best value-for-money buy here is their Combo meals that have their delicious oysters paired with something from their grill with unlimited rice.

chunky and Meaty Pork Belly Barbecue

Chicken Pecho Barbecue is also perfect for combo meals

Among the grilled items that were showcased on the opening of Charcoal Boy Escario was the Pork Belly Barbecue and the Chicken Barbecue.  You can never go wrong with these two especially when you offer it with unlimited servings of rice.  The owners of Mang Inasal made billions out of that concept and probably the owners of Charcoal Boy could too.

Charcoal Boy Escario - Final Verdict

I truly enjoyed dining there and definitely, I will be back very soon. Charcoal Boy is one of the many places that guarantee that you will come out with a full tummy when you eat there.  And if you want to know my verdict for this place, I will let my stomach tell you.  The best test if an oyster/seafood place is good is in how your stomach felt a few hours or a day after eating in the restaurant.  Mine felt great!

Andrea Ivy Dy, Charcoalboy Escario Franchisee Dr. Jean Rafanan Dy, CCTN47 President Nonito Limchua,                                                Vice Rector Seminario Mayor Rev. Fr. Jose Adonis Aquino, Atty. Dara Acusar of Divina Law Office and Charcoalboy President Jeffrey Luke Martinez
Charcoal Boy Escario is located at M2 Building, Escario Street, Cebu City.  Congratulations to the owners and franchisees of the newly opened restaurant.


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