Steakhouse in Cebu: Angus Dan's

Carlo Olano of Kalami Cebu enjoying some steak at Angus Dan's

There was a time that steakhouses in Cebu where an endangered species after one of its most established one (David's Steakhouse) closed down.  I saw the "steak revival" in the past couple of years as more and more establishments opened specializing in steak.   The Choobi Choobi group recently joined the fray by opening the newest steakhouse in Cebu, Angus Dan's.

Choobi Choobi Restaurant Philosophy

According to Choobi Choobi CEO Constantine Tanchan, their company philosophy is to serve good food at the same time, give their customers the best bang for their buck.  Choobi Choobi Seafood restaurant is surely one of the best value for money restaurants in Cebu while the Yakiniku-concept Kogi-Q is an affordable alternative to yakiniku restaurants and Korean barbecues.  Angus Dan's proposition would be that they will be the affordable steakhouse in Cebu that will serve not-so expensive steaks in an upscale environment.

 Choobi Choobi CEO Augustine Tanchan unveils his steak restaurant concept

The concept could be a big winner as the restaurant is located at the heart of the city and is very accessible to residents in nearby barangays, tourists staying at nearby hotels, medical practitioners in nearby hospitals, and working people from nearby offices.  The Capitol Site area is filled with so many good restaurants but none of them specialize in steak.

the newest steakhouse in Cebu Angus Dan's is now open

Dining at the Newest Steakhouse in Cebu

I was invited to attend the blessing of Angus Dan's along with other bloggers and friends from the media.  My initial impression is that the window side has a nice American diner feel and the place has a lot of areas that could make the Instagram generation happy.

New York-inspired Steak and Seafood House, Angus Dan's

When I checked out their menu, I learned that they serve breakfast and aside from steaks, they serve a lot of meat and seafood dishes.  I was really looking forward to what they are going to serve us that afternoon.

Sisig Nachos - 180

sisig nachos - Nachos served with a cheesy Sisig Dip
 This is basically nachos served with a cheesy sisig dip topped with chopped tomatoes.  All I can say is that the sisig dip is fantastic.  It is great with nachos but I could have probably eaten it with rice or have a version as a pasta sauce.

Calamari - 190
Calami at Angus Dan's, steakhouse in Cebu
 As a sister restaurant of Choobi Choobi, it was expected that their calamari would be spot on and yes, it was.

Honey Wings - 230
honey wings at Angus Dan's Steakhouse in Cebu
I can totally understand why my tablemates loved this dish as it was flavorful.  It could have been great with rice as well.

Crispy Onion Mound - 170
A mound of Onion Rings
 It is one big serving of onion rings that could please any onion lover.  It would be a great side dish if they serve burgers which should be on their menu (hopefully soon).

Beef Salpicao - 295
the lean Beef Salpicao
 It has good lean meat and it was seasoned well.  It was good but not yet Golden Prince salpicao level. ;)

Angus Dan's Grilled Short Ribs - 1190
 I liked this one a lot. The meat was tender. juicy and really delicious.   This could be an excellent cheaper alternative to The Weekend's Flinstone.

USDA Ribeye Steak - 1100
USA Choice Ribeye sold at 1100 per serving at Angus Dan's Steakhouse in Cebu
A 400 gram serving of a USDA Choice Ribeye sold at 1,100 pesos is a great "Steak 101" meal for a millennial.  You can have an awesome steak experience here without breaking the bank.  A lot of Cebuanos still eat steaks well done which makes the price point and meat quality perfect for the market (Or they can get the 880-peso variant).

Dan's Signature Swordfish Belly - 450
Swordfish Belly - Another Angus Dan's specialty
If you are not into red meat and your date takes you to Angus Dan's then I think you will still end up with a happy tummy because they have a lot of seafood specialties like the Swordfish Belly.  At 450, it is a great alternative to salmon or tuna.

Kalami Cebu Verdict

I am really glad that a restaurant like this opened in the area. While there are so many alternatives for dining this side of Osmena Boulevard, nobody specialized in steak and nobody can offer the vibe and ambiance of Angus Dan's.

The selection is impressive (they even have Maine lobsters).  The best thing for me here is the pricing as you can have a good meal even for less than 300 pesos a person. That has always been the strength of Choobi-Choobi and it is one of the main selling factors of Angus Dan's.

Angus Dan's is also perfect for wannabe steak lovers -the ones that are starting to explore the world of steaks.  If you want to teach someone the intricacies on the doneness of meat, it is better to start it at a restaurant like this.  You just cannot go to a restaurant that served some dry aged tomahawks and be forced to have a well-done steak because your companion/date says that they do not want something bloody.

Serious steak lovers will still enjoy their time here because the meat is priced right.  They served
USDA Choice Cuts steak priced as USDA Choice Cuts.  They could have gotten away with pricing it higher but they didn't.

I really admire the owners for sticking to their philosophy and for giving Cebuanos restaurants that put value for money as its main Unique Selling Point.
I will definitely be back soon.

Angus Dan's, the newest steakhouse in Cebu

Angus Dan's, the newest steakhouse in Cebu is located at Jasmine Street corner A. Climaco Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City.

Do you like steak too? Where are your favorite steak places in Cebu?

Other Steak Places to Consider

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