Meal of the Day | Corned Beef Meal at Nomad's Hub

Corned Beef Meal at Nomad's Hub
 I spent a big chunk of my day today at one of my favorite co-working spaces in Cebu, Nomad's Hub. One thing I like about this place is that they serve affordable food. Today, I ordered their corned beef meal for dinner.

Affordable Meals at Nomad's Hub

Nomad's Hub Menu

There are actually a lot of good choices here at Nomad's Hub and it is very affordable.  Usually, I get Instant Pancit Canton here because it is only 25 pesos and 35 if you want it with egg.  When I am up for a bigger meal, there are just so many familiar items to choose from.

Local Corned Beef in the Philippines

For today, I decided to have Corned Beef.  I love getting this because it is one of my preferred breakfast items.  The staff here basically heats a whole can of local corned beef which is more than enough for one person.

The meal comes with eggs and it usually sunny side up.  Since I like my eggs scrambled, I normally order an extra egg --for 15 pesos.  I don't need to order drinks since this co-working space offers unlimited servings of coffee and iced tea.

Eating and Working at a Co-working space

Nomad's Hub Co-working Space in Cebu
Co-working spaces are fast becoming a favorite among students, freelancers, and even professionals.  These spaces provide an excellent internet connection, ambient lighting, adequate air-conditioning, napping stations, meeting areas, and food options.  A content creator like me could stay the whole day here to write and edit videos without even having to go out to eat.

While most Co-working Spaces are open 24 hours, Nomad's Hub offers backpacker-type rooms if you need to stay overnight which is perfect for the growing tribe of digital nomads. 

It is actually comforting to know that there are a growing number of amazing co-working spaces in Cebu.

Nomad's Hub Coliving Hostel Cebu
Building, F, Unit 1 Yap, Ramos Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
(032) 348 0071


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