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Ford Reinforces Truck Leadership, Launches F-150 In The Philippines

Ford F-150 Launched in the Philippines ·           The F-150 is part of Ford’s F-Series, America’s bestselling truck for the 43 rd  straight year and America’s bestselling vehicle for the 38 th  straight year

GCash Card Payment Partners : The Main Reason for the 2.58% Card Cash-in Fee

Starting Monday, July 6, 2020, GCash will charge a 2.58% convenience fee every time you cash in using linked Visa/Mastercard bank cards.  This pass-on fee is actually a direct charge to GCash's card payment partners.  The company clarified that they will not receive a single peso from the pass-on fees as it will all go to their card payment partners. 2.58% Pass-On Fees by GCash's Card Payment Partners Starting next Monday, a 2.58% convenience fee will be charged with your card cash-in amount.  For example, you cashed in Php 1000 cash, you will be charged 1025.80 to your card.  The fees are automatically computed by the Gcash app and it will be stated in the app for each cash-in.  The pass-on fees will also be reflected in your transaction history. Cashing in via Visa/Mastercard has been a free service that allowed users to fund their GCash wallets.  Recently, card payment partners increased their service charges.  This prompted GCash to implement the 2.58% pass-on fees which re