Karenderia Explorer | Pungko-Pungko in Centro Mandaue

pungko-pungko stall in Mandaue City
Cebuanos love pungko-pungko and this type of local "cuisine" is not just confined to Cebu City.  It has been a while since I had eaten or bought at a pungko-pungko stall and after seeing one in my recent drive to Mandaue City, I decided to feast on Ginabot (Fried pork mesentery) and more!

Karenderia Explorer presents Pungko-Pungko ni Mam Lisa sa Mandaue

Met Mam Lisa.  She operates a Pungko-Pungko stall in Mandaue City just right across Times Kitchen Panceteria.  What makes her pungko-pungko stall different is that she offers bigger cuts of Fried Pork Mesentery locally called Ginabot and Fried Pork Intestines which locals call Sha-e.  

the food that you can buy at a Pungko-Pungko stall in Cebu
Aside from the popular cuts, she also sells other classic pungko-pungko items like lumpia, ngohiong, bola-bola, pork chops, and even hotdog and dried squid.  Any pungko-pungko patron (or suki) will surely be happy with the choices in her stall.

I surely enjoyed my short interaction with her since I was able to buy some of the food that I haven craving in a while.  I surely wanted to dine there but partly due to the pandemic and also because I was merely passing by and my main purpose was to buy pancit canton at Times Kitchen, I needed rush back home.

In the end, it was a worthwhile trip as I hit two birds in one stone. When was the last time you ate at a Pungko-Pungko stall?

You better watch out for more Karenderia Explorer articles as this series aims to put small eateries on the digital map, one Karenderia at a time!


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