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Globe Innovation Fest 2022: Showcasing many firsts that make every day better

Globe, the most reliable mobile network in the Philippines, continues to bring many firsts that help make every day better for every Filipino. To showcase the different ways that Globe uplifts lives, the company brought together a series of exciting announcements and previews from its different businesses and partner brands through the Globe Innovation Fest (GIF) 2022.

Cebu, Davao cities among highest Globe 5G traffic in PH

  5G adoption is fast spreading in other parts of the country with the cities of Cebu and Davao having the most number of Globe 5G users outside Metro Manila for the first half of 2022. For  Visayas , Cebu City ranked the highest, followed by  Lapu-Lapu  City a nd  Mandaue  City. On the other hand, Davao City led in Mindanao with Cagayan de Oro City placing second. “Faster download speeds, lower latency, higher capacity, and overall superior performance are among the compelling reasons why consumers are shifting to 5G. We are confident that with the progress we are making on our 5G rollouts, we can further boost user  experience in  Visayas  and Mindanao,” said Patrick Gloria, Director for External Affairs,  Visayas  and Mindanao and Regional Lead for the Globe  Visayas  Leadership Team. As of the first semester, Globe’s 5G network has reached 85.8% of key cities in  Visayas  and Mindanao in terms of 5G outdoor coverage and 96.6% in Metro Manila. Globe logged around 2.7 million devices

Globe steps up advocacies vs online bullying to protect Filipino children

Digital solutions platform Globe intensifies its commitment to online safety, enjoining the academe, mental health professionals, parents and guardians, and other key partners to protect Filipino children against cyberbullying.   Due to the pervasiveness of bullying on digital platforms, Globe noted the need for parents and caregivers to understand their role in keeping children safe online.   “As Globe empowers our 92 million customers to use technology for every need, we urge everyone to use digital communication channels for good and teach our young people to do the same. Our connectedness comes with it being a responsible digital citizen, and that communicating with respect, intention, and impact is first taught at home,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.   The company has launched the  portal to stop cyberbullying by making available the A-Z of Cyberbullying glossary. The glossary is buildable, and anyone can ad

Keeping Up with the Lopezes | Here’s how the Lopez family lives a healthier, better life with Santé

Pasig City, Philippines – [June 23, 2022] –  They say that a family is like the branches of a tree that grow in different directions. However, for the Lopez family, their root remains united through a household hobby–bicycling.     In an interview with the Lopezes, Louie, Alou, Gel, Aira, and Kang shared what they feel about being the newest addition to the family of Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, and their secrets to achieving not just a fit body but a healthier lifestyle, especially amid the global health crisis.   

A Night of Lechon and Cognac with VKV Cebu Members

  I was invited by Dr. Nestor Alonso to his fraternity's anniversary.  His simple preposition was that he is organizing a lechon and cognac night for the Venerable Knight Veterinarians Fraternity and Sorority members of Cebu.  With lechon alone, it would have been an easy yes but with cognac, it became a no-brainer.  Happy 63rd Anniversary, VKV!!!

101 Best Places to Eat Around Cebu | Lechon Brunch at Larawan Beach, Talisay City

  We all know that Lechon is almost synonymous to Cebu.  In Cebu, you can practically have the best lechon in the world any time of the week.  For me, one of the best food experiences is to have a lechon brunch at Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu.  The food stalls near Larawan Beach open every weekend early in the morning until afternoon.  It is indeed one of my favorite brunch places in the world.