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We all know that Lechon is almost synonymous to Cebu.  In Cebu, you can practically have the best lechon in the world any time of the week.  For me, one of the best food experiences is to have a lechon brunch at Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu.  The food stalls near Larawan Beach open every weekend early in the morning until afternoon.  It is indeed one of my favorite brunch places in the world.

Lechon Brunch in Poblacion, Talisay City

You have to wake up early in the morning (I prefer on a Sunday) to enjoy an early morning feast of lechon, ginabot, kinilaw, sinugba, and more. Here are some of the good food that you can eat there:


Best Lechon stalls in Cebu
Many people say that they come to Cebu for lechon (roasted pig) and one of the best places for lechon is definitely Talisay.  This city south of Cebu City is home to many of the best lechoneros in the island.  Lechon in Talisay is a favorite for beachgoers because lechon and beach are just awesome together.  We normally eat lechon with puso or hanging rice and you can have sidings like atchara (pickled papaya).  Most lechon stalls also sells dinuguan (blood stew).
One Kilo of Lechon Cebu
A kilo of lechon is now around 700 pesos in Talisay City (June 2022) and you can order 1/4 or 1/2 kilo if you want.  You may also ask the seller for your favorite part (many people love the belly area).  There are tables and chairs there if you plan to dine-in.


Freshly Fried Ginabot
Another food that people travel to Cebu for is Ginabot.   Ginabot is deep fried pig intestine that's fatty, crunchy, and I would say that it is the working Cebuano's "bacon".  It is the most popular street food in Cebu and you usually see it in Pungko-Pungko stalls.  But on a Sunday morning in Poblacion, Talisay City, you can have your ginabot fresh from the frying pan.
The famous Ginabot of Talisay City, Cebu
Watching Nang Maria cook ginabot is one of my favorite things to do here besides eating. You can actually buy different fried offal in her stall. 
Fried Pork Intestines
Isn't this mesmerizing?


Selling Grilled Fish in Cebu

Smelling grilled food early in the morning wakes up your senses.  In Talisay, they offer a lot of yummy grilled (sinugba) offerings.  From fish to meat to offal to local chorizo, you can enjoy it as early as 6 am.  Grilled food go so well with some boiled sweet potatoes that they sell.
Different Kinds of Sinugba
One of the most interesting grilled stuff is called gaway.  Gaway is basically grilled octopus tentacles.   Sometimes they also sell Saang or spider conch.  


Sea Cucumber Salad
One great compliment to Sinugba is kinilaw (Raw Dish Preparation popular in the Philippines).  Kinilaw is also a bestseller here because we are by the beach.  The choices here are awesome.  They have sea cucumber (bat), fish, and guso.
Sea Hare Excretion - a Cebuano delicacy

Another favorite kinilaw of mine is lukot.  Lukot is sea hare secretion. It is like a sea spaghetti more of and I love eating this since I was a kid growing up in a coastal town.  This is also good in fish tinola and inun-unan. 

Salbaro / Cabcab

Cabcab or Salbaro or Kiping with Latin
For dessert, you can have Salbaro or Cabcab or Kiping or simply Cassava Crackers.  This cassava delicacy is bathe in coconut caramel sauce giving you a sweet finish to your lechon breakfast.
Cassava Cracker delicacy of the philippines
Salbaro can also be a good container for ice cream.  It is crispy and a joy to eat.  

When I plan to go here, I want to be in the area as early as possible.  Usually, I go here before 7 A.M. because I want my lechon hot and also I want to avoid the crowds because it will be hard to find a seat if you come here around lunch time.

When you have time, have a lechon brunch at Larawan Beach area in Poblacion, Talisay and maybe we can see each other there.


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