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Hi! I am Carlo Andrew Olano.  I am a Cebuano who loves good food.  I love to try what is new, what is different, and what is unique in the different places in Cebu.  I love to feature the specialties of the multitudes of excellent dining places here in my island. 

I always celebrate the uniqueness of each place that I go to.  Everything has its strong points and I really like to highlight that. This blog is all about me and my friends, enjoying the wide array of choices available.  I am not a food critic and I am not planning to be one. Ideally, I want every restaurant that I feature to prosper and grow. 

I pay for my meals and unless specified all reviews here are unsanctioned by the restaurant owners. Kalami Cebu is more of an independent appreciation of all the dining places that I have been to. Someday in the future, I might be invited by a restaurant owner and when it happens, I will remain focused on the food and what I like about it and not be too biased because of the free meal.

I am also open to suggestions and reactions. When it comes to food, I believe that your opinion is as good or even better than mine. To reach me, you may email me at calolano911@gmail.com or text me at +63-925-5034592. Contact me and let me tag along on your next food trip or tell me about your own discoveries. ;)


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